Top 15 Summer 2019 Anime First Impressions (Ft. Vinland Saga, Dr. Stone, and Lots More)

Alright time to talk about nearly every anime’s first episode this summer season. Cause I went deep to find the cream of the crop shows this season. And I will say this now that this season is the season of sleepers. As there were so many anime that I really didn’t think much about at first. But, I then fell in love with. While also finding out that Vinland Saga and Dr.Stone are in a battle with a very underrated series for anime of the season. So lets talk about the amazing, the average, the fan service, and the horrible. As we talk about the amazing season of summer. 

Unlike the winter that was unreal filled with talent. To then have the top heavy spring season. Summer was one that was really well rounded as you can take a little bit from all the anime this season. So I will be ranking nearly all of them in tiers as the anime are way to young to truly rank all of them with digits. So we are using the  F to S tier. Also remember that this is base on the first episode and so an A and even a B can really be a S tier anime. So let get started with the F tier.

F= Why were you created over a third season of Spice and Wolf.

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou | F Teir 

It is just not it chief. The animation was dark and choppy. It was really a episode that expected you to know the whole plot before hand. And I really didn’t like the whole episode overall. It is just not another isekai that I will add to my collection. 

D = I will probably never pick up this series again. Unless someone convinces me that it is the best anime of the season and only that.

Isekai Cheat Magician | D Teir

Generic as hell. The town was literally the same as the one from the wholesome anime this season. I like the couple and really I can’t say more about this series really. If its your forte go ahead.

C= An Enjoyable anime that I probably will either watch a couple more episodes and drop it or watch the whole season. 

Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? | C Teir

I was way too hyped for this episode than I should have been. I like the mom and the king as characters. But, I hate the son. But, the logic in this anime was just crazy. I will watch episode 2 and determine whether I will pick it up or drop it. But, My expectations are at a all low for this series.

Magical Sempai | C Tier

It is a good anime and the main character is a must protect waifu in the main character(cringe). But, it has that why you are here sensei vibes. While the magic is I don’t even know. I most likely will drop this anime due to me trying to keep my consumption around or under 10.

B= Anime that I like and probably will watch weekly. But, it is not as transcendent as a all great. Before actually picking it up. It is a anime that I really like to my hearts content.

Are You Lost? | B Teir

Enjoyable and just an anime to turn off your brain to. As this is has one of the funniest overpowered survivor characters. Along with just a fun vibe despite being trap on a island. Also Yuri.

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?| B Teir

I had some Cells at Work along with Grand Blue Vibes. As this is just a show that I really enjoyed and really can’t wait to continue. Cause it actually makes me want to get a gym membership asap.

If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord | B Teir 

This is really good and wholesome. Latina is Daughter/Must Protect of the season already and Dale is not from another world which is always a bonus. While also not being a bad protagonist (so far). I will for sure be watching this weekly and loving the anime for the wholesomeness. So thank you once again for not making the main protagonist reincarnated from another world.

A= An anime that has a lot of potential to be perfect. But, episode one didn’t hook me enough.

Danmachi 2 | A Teir

Hermes is a god wingman. (figertivaltey and literaly). It is really good to see the new and old cast all together again. I am in love with this season. And Hestia is still bestia and best girl. Also Imma say this right now Apollo looking like a real sadistic mother fucker in this new season. I can’t wait for this season of fun and adventure.

Dr. Stone | A Teir

This anime is one that I have read the manga for and really love to the fullest. I know that the beginning of this anime will be a little slow to some people. But, trust me when I say that this is one is gonna be part of what I call the 7 Kings of Jump.(Future post coming soon) Also this anime is only a A rank cause of the over hyping of Chruchyroll.

Kanata no Astra | A Teir

I will admit you had me in the first half. But, this is a anime that is here to stay. As this has set one of the best premises for adventure and friendship. As all of these characters can have such amazing backstories. Already seeing ships literally and figuratively. This is one that I would not be shocked if it was up there for anime of the season.

Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?| A Teir

This anime is one that I really didn’t think would capture me in the first episode. But, it did enough to make me committed to the whole season of it. It is a funny story and already every girl is at a top teir girl level. As the president is one that I can’t wait to find out more about. The whole harem looks like they can be at that (To Love Ru) level. Also that plot twist at the end is amazing. This is a harem anime that has really intrigued me. 

S= An anime that I know is great from the manga and has a good adaptation, is another season or sequel of greatness, or is very special episode one.

Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo.| S Teir 

I’m gonna say this right now. This is anime of the season. I will repeat this again. This is anime of the season. I will repeat this a third time to make sure the people in the back heard me. THIS IS ANIME OF THE SEASON!!! Over Vinland, over Dr. Stone, and even Fire Force. As I never thought that I would fall in love with a series over them. I watched this series and fell in love with it in a instance. The characters are all beautiful characters with all of their own quirks. The direction is stellar. The comedy hits amazingly. This is just best anime and most underrated of the season. Maybe even best anime of the year. 

Fire Force | S Teir

From the soundtrack to the characters. I am in love with this anime. As it is put at the same level of VINLAND yes I just said that also. As a person that really put this in the back of mind when being at the top of my anime list. I was really shocked at the execution of the first episode and the way it fleshed out a lot of things/

Vinland Saga | S Teir

This is a manga that I have high praises for. While also having a studio that I will say is one of if not the best in the business. In the amazing studio of Wit. I saw the first episode of this anime and I really wish that more amazing manga like Berserk and Kingdom can get a adaptation. But, know that this anime is one of the best of the season. While also having just an amazing soundtrack. The characters that I know all to much about. I love Vinland and all that it is about.


Thanks for reading this as this was one of the largest post that I really had fun with making. As I always wanted to challege myself and watch nearly a full season of anime episodes. And boy was that time consuming. But, I will say this now that this is gonna be probably one of the greatest years of anime. With all of these banger and the Wano arc of One Piece(number 15) this is a good time to be a anime fan. 読んでくれてありがと my A&M people.

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