The Profile of Gid Lucione Deviluke

It has been about a little over a month since I finished the To Love Ru Project and I really enjoyed doing it. But their was another character in the whole series that I really wanted to talk about. One that is the strongest character in the series. While also being my favorite male character in To Love Ru. That is being the king of Deviluke, the husband of Sephie, and the ruler of the whole universe being King Gid Lucione Deviluke.

Gid Lucione Deviluke

Born: January 1st / Blood Type: B / Age: Who Knows


This man is the father of Lala, Momo, and Nana. Along with banging and being the husband the most beautiful women in the universe in queen Sephie. This man is a little bit of a intense guy that is perverted is some ways. While also being a caring and really strict father to all three of his daughters. Thus making all of them run away from home. This man is one of the best characters that got so much development in one chapter also that made me really respect his character.


Due to his introduction not being the best in the world. With him being a little pervert that was also just a little bit childish. (Also it doesn’t help that he also was a child upon first appearance.) But, in the Darkness manga, he was not depicted as a child no more. As in his reintroduction he had one of the best designs in the series. As his new design made me a fan of his character instantly. Then seeing his fight with Nemesis made him probably my top 5 favorite character in the series.

Greatest Moment

Speaking about that moment. The best moment for him is without a doubt the fight between him and Nemesis. As this was guy was just overall amazing . Form the re-introduction that he had to be in a whole other realm so his power would destroy the planet. Just ending the chapter making you hype for the next one. As he is just destroying Nemesis in this battle that was over once it began. Then when Nemesis tried to trick Gid by transforming into his daughter. This man straight up punched Nemesis in a fit of rage. Shouting out what father would not know his own daughter. That moment was his best moment to me. Showing his raw strength, compassion and love for his daughters, and overall rage and annoyance of Nemesis in one epic scene. That is why this man is one of my favorite characters of all time. I just hope that this scene one day gets animated as this is probably my favorite scene in the series.


Gid is just a loving father while also being a little bit of a player. This is probably one of the rare characters in the series with no flaws whatsoever in the series. This man is just a good written character that I have nothing but the highest praise for. He is also probably one of the most savage and ruthless rulers in the world. One that rules with an iron fist and has murdered numerous people and destroyed a multitude of planets. But we don’t talk about that.


For the future of the King I just hope that we have more screen time of him. As we only get small glances of him. Also I would like to see a full battle between him and someone of his level. As I believe that no one in the series currently touches him. Also I am gonna link some threads about some debates about his overall strength. As people……

Reddit Link 1
Reddit Link 2
Reddit Link 3


What good TO LOVE RU community! I haven’t really done anything To Love Ru related since that huge To Love Ru Project since I have been really working on college and other stuff. But, I just wanted to do something for the subreddit hitting 6900 subs a minute ago. I also just wanted to talk about the series more and as I love To Love Ru. So thanks for reading this if you did. If you have anything you want me to write about from just profiles of other characters to a hope list for the next series, to even the philosophy of Yami’s panties. I will write about almost anything To Love Ru related. (Also mainly cause I have read this series a little too many times for my own good.) Once again, 読んでくれてありがとう, my A&M people.

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