The Great Teacher Called Eikichi Onizuka

I wanted to talk briefly about a series that I have started recently and started to love with all my heart and soul. Due to me finally completing my favorite comedy of all time (Gintama). I needed a manga or anime to fill that hole. I then found a little series called Great Teacher Onizuka or GTO. This is a series is one that I had heard about but never read or watched. And when I picked it up. Oh boy this series was amazing from the jump. The comedy is amazing, the impactful moments hit. While having a main character that is one of the greatest characters in fiction. 

As today I want to talk about the man, the myth, and legendary teacher Eikichi Onizuka. This man became a teacher for a way to pick up women. Which I can relate to a whole much. As I see my motive for most of the things that I do can be traced to a girl somehow. Like in high school when I join the football team. I was mainly about getting girls. Cause I was just that weird type of kid. But, I never really did good at football. As I don’t have a million dollar contract by the miami dolphins yet. But, Onizuka did the same thing that I did. To then find his passion in life. 

When he first became a teacher along with the method that he teaches. I was a little skeptical at first. I just saw him as a strict as hell teacher that ruled by fear. But then in his second teaching gig is where he truly shines. Starting from his interview to his first class. He shows little by little he shows that he truly cares for these students and his position of teacher. While still having his lust for all the girls. Giving him the ultimate goal of being the greatest teacher in all of japan. One that doesn’t care about your background, will help any student in need, and is truly himself doing it. 


Thanks for reading this because I recently got into the manga of this series. And boy is Onizuka a GOAT of a character. I haven’t even gotten into the meat of the manga yet. But, I am loving this series so far. While also planing to make a second post about this series as a whole when I complete it. So if you enjoy reading this and want more blog post about some of the top anime this season along with theories and just chats. Sub right on the bottom of the page. Until next time, 読んでくれてありがとうmy A&M people.

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