Who Is the Traitor? Kanata No Astra Theory (EP.4 Spoilers)

I said in a recent post that “I would not be shocked that this was the anime of the season”. I am still sticking to that. As this show gave a plot twist at the end of the second episode that there is a traitor in the cast. As the way the series is now. I see it there are only three candidates for the traitor. So here are my top candidates for the traitor on the ship after 4 episodes in this series. So what I know about this series is that the traitor cut communications. Also that the traitor was sent on a suicide mission. So they might not have regard for their own life.

With this information along with tidbits in the 4 episodes. I believe that I have at least the top the top three candidates for the traitor among the 9. So here are the chances.

100% Not The Traitor

Ulgar Zweig: Just take my word for it. As he is just too obvious of a red herring to be the traitor. He might be emo and negative as hell. But, he keeps showing over and over again that he is just a tsundere with a beanie that cares for everyone(or not).

Zack Walker: No traitor would reveal the cutting of the wires to the captain. Plus he could have said that the spaceship would not fly compared to the others. Having multiple times to kill everyone so he is not the traitor.

Kanata Hoshijima : Seeing as he is risking his life for everyone constantly. Along with having a view from his character trying to find the traitor. He is someone that is for sure not the traitor.

80% Not The Traitor

Yun-Hua Lu: In the beginning I was sold that she was the traitor. But, after episodes three and four to me she is definitely not the traitor. As she is just a very insecure girl in the series. She is someone that still has a huge motive to be the traitor though.

Quitterie Raffaeli: I have no reason to see why she would be the traitor. As she is someone that shows no traits whatsoever. But, the thing that bugs me is that her sister knew about the kill B5 thing and she didn’t hear anything about it.

51% Not The Traitor

Charce Lecroix: He is someone that I had slight thought about being the traitor. But, I don’t believe so right now. As one time in the latest episode he warned Kanata about the other. But then he noticed the meteors crashing on the ship first. So it is 50/50 with him. So I will say no.

70% Traitor

Aries Spring: I would be heartbreaking if she is the traitor. But, it would make the series even better for that. As she is someone that has gained the trust of everyone on the ship through her kindness. With me having a theory that she was the traitor. But, she got double crossed as her suit was messed with in the first episode.

Luca Esposito: You never trust a trap. As he was the first one to touch the orb of death. Along with trying to convince people that they were on a game show. I just don’t trust this person at all. But, there is one that I truly believe is the traitor.

90% Traitor

Funicia Raffaeli: I have a theory that she is being mind controlled but her puppet. That when she is in the trace she is functioning through the puppet. It would make sense due to what she said about B5 also her being the closes to the ship with Zack. Also she is the least to expect on the ship as she is the youngest. So I am placing my bets on her as the traitor.


I am pretty confident that the traitor has to be one of my top three. As they are all just to prime of suspects to not be it. Along with the the reveal of the traitor coming soon (or not). This is probably the best time to place bets. So in the comments write down who you think the killer is. Also sub below. Once again 読んでくれてありがとう, my A&M people.

8 thoughts on “Who Is the Traitor? Kanata No Astra Theory (EP.4 Spoilers)

  1. At this point I have no clue who is or isn’t or even if there really is a traitor. For every theory I come up with I come up with a reason why it wouldn’t work and so I’m waiting and I’m enjoying watching the story unfold.

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    1. Loving this series also. As literally almost anyone can be the traitor as this series just keeps getting more and more intriguing.
      But,what I am most curious about doe is the black orb. Cause they have to face it or the creator eventually as it keeps following them.

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    1. Yeah, I can see why you would. This is still an anime with a lot of potential to be amazing. So I am really intrested in each aspect of the series.

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  2. Apparently the traitor is going to be revealed in episode 10, since it s called “Culprit”. I am at the 14:42 mark of that episode (obvious SPOILERs for episode 10) where this happens :

    While Kanata is being chased by the wormhole/orb to send him to space and kill him he enters a cave to escape it (or get trapped to a dead end), and who does he see *deep* in the cave? Surprise surprise … Aries Spring!

    The surprise is that a few minutes earlier that he parted from her he told her to go meet the others in the *forest*, so what on Earth was she doing deep in that cave all alone? Oh, and what do you know … as Kanata approached Aries the orb behind him vanished!

    At this point I am 100% sure the culprit is Aries but unfortunately Kanata (not being the brightest bulb in the room), thinks it is … Ulgar! Kanata did not even wonder what on Earth Aries was doing in that cave instead of meeting the others (…). We’ll soon find out I guess.

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    1. Episode 10 spoilers:

      I am pretty sure that you realize who is the traitor now. Won’t spoil it for the rest of people. But, in my episode 9 review. I change my stand point on who is the traitor. But, I will say your argument isn’t wrong. Because after episode 9 really believed it was down to Charce mainly due to his shady past. While also not seeing his clone.

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      1. I am looking forward to hearing the traitor’s explanation next week. If it’s just “The King ordered it, duh!” I will be disappointed, but I strongly doubt that. My guess is it’s all somehow connected to Seira (of whom Aries must 100% be a clone, but does the “enemy” know it?) and the guilt he feels about what happened to her.


    2. p.s. I spoke too soon. Aries was a red herring, almost literally. And Ulgar was employed by Kanata as a misdirection to make the enemy expose himself. It appears Kanata is much smarter than I thought. The plan he devised to entrap Charce, the actual culprit, was frankly ingenious. You were 49% right apparently.

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