I Love Grand Blue | Grand Blue Chapter 55 “Girls Talk” Review

I never knew how much I truly loved this series until today. Cause I read this story monthly and I have claimed this to be my favorite manga of all time on numerous occasions. But, when I read this chapter I was feeling anxious and all cause of college. But I then realized that whenever I am feeling down and just having a bad day. I can just read about a group of college students just being idiots and laugh like there’s no tomorrow. To then also get one of my favorite characters in Chisa finally get her shine. I will say this now that this has to be chapter of the season cause I can’t see anything top it. As this was just amazing levels of feels and comedy in one chapter. So let’s talk about this amazing chapter of this Grand Blue greatness.

Confusion Begins

Cakey in the beginning of the chapter over hears that since Kohei and Iori have been in a coed dorm they probably didn’t have time to well….. relieved themselves in the past ten days. Then I wondered why she didn’t go to the girls for information on it to get a further explanation. But, no we get one of the most epic panels looking like she just witness a murder take place. So who does she go to first the second least experienced girl in the series in Chisa.

Speaking of Chisa, just casually squeezing a man’s ball to near death. We get a conversations with her mother. Wondering how she grew up so awkward and uneducated in sex. We then get one of my favorite panels in the chapter. Being Chisa looking completely depressed. Unable to really say anything to her mother. To then slap herself into reality right before Cakey came in with the shocking news.

More Confusion

Cakey really came in believing that Iori and Kohei are gonna die. Like man we need Azusa to show both of these girls the way. Cause you can’t be in college and not know this. But, continuing on she then convinces Chisa that men need to release the Kintama or they can die. Chisa is skeptical at first complete not believing it. But then after further explanation with Cakey. Then come to the conclusion that Kohei’s, Iori’s, and all men’s life depended on it. Thus leading to the epic panel of Kohei in pain in his groin. Thus making both Cakey and Chisa in complete belief in that. Which was just hilarious as Iori is just rubbing his back consoling him.

Cakey and Chisa are in complete belief of them dying soon. While regretting to get rid of all of there porn. If you saw the panel randomly you would just think that this is a panel of the most horrific news ever. But what really happen is that Kohei had a whole pole bat him in the Kintamas. So he will be alright. But we then Cakey and Chisa in the most epic panel of them ever.

Guys Talk

Also eyes up her ladies is what Kohei and Iori should be saying this whole time. As they completely believe that their Kintama will straight up explode. So they give them booze and no more work. But, Kohei and Iori are drinking and wondering why they were being weird and straight up thought that they were comparing their sizes to the locals. I was straight up laughing for a good ass minute cause of asian stereotypes and all. This was just amazing. Also I love when Kohei was just like “3D can go to hell”.

As they are just down and about. They get their spirits right up cause of the gifts they have received. Chisa and Cakey are things what else they can do for them to help them. We then get a very blurred out picture which is hilarious. Cause they were really thinking of turning this into Brazzers for a moment. But Chisa closed that down immediately. So they leave to give them 2 hours of alone time. Then when they were asked Cakey gives the 2nd best panel of the chapter. With here just forcing these shippers upon us.

The Character of Chisa

So the two girls are chilling at a love hotel to then watch diving videos which is wavering my best girl in the franchise after this moment. As they have a talk about envy. Which we then get so much about her character and the reason she is doing engineering and her relationship with her mother. Chisa is someone that really envies her sister because she is living her dream while also being a lot less awkward than her. So Chisa is always trying to But, is not bold enough to challenge her mother about. So she is trying to meet in the middle. So I love that about Chisa cause I can relate so much with her.

As I also have one foot in the door with this blog. But, I am getting a Finance degree which will give me a steady job in the future. So I really feel for her and I love her just talking in this chapter. Cause man this is an amazing chapter. As I really felt for her in this one seen. Hell I will say this now after reading this chapter like 4 times. She is now my favorite character in this franchise. I have been hyping up Kohei for a while. I still love this man’s character to death. But, I just love Chisa’s character in the series. She always has the chapters that really hit me and I didn’t really know about that until I started reviewing this series monthly. Well I have rambled enough about this. So time to talk about the panel of greatness.

The GOAT Panel

Actually I wanted to talk about one thing also in this chapter. Was Cakey being envious of Chisa. As Chisa didn’t really understand her. But Cakey got a revelation speaking to her. So it is good that she got that also. Time to talk about the amazing panel below. As after the heartfelt speech we get Kohei and Iori in the shadows with some questions. That being……..

This is why I love this series so much. Cause of panels like this. To then have the whole misunderstanding solved. Or not really cause Cakey tried to confirm it but they are having flashbacks to all of the sussness. So they don’t even respond. We then have the chapter to just finally understand their misunderstanding. Then we get another moment between Chisa and her mom. We then get to see another panel of Chisa. Wondering if she will ever break out of her shell.


Thanks for reading this if you did. This chapter might be one of my favorite in the franchise because of Chisa and the amazing comedy that this chapter had. I love this series so much and I want to thank Crunchyroll and Comixology for translating this amazing series. So hope to see you next month with another chapter of that Grand Blue greatness. So until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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