Traitor Revealed? Kanata No Astra EP.6 Reaction (EP.6 Spoilers)

Well that just happened. As I really thought that this episode was already really good with Ulgar and Lucas secret reveal. Then we get the twist of the series. As Aries claims that she never saw Charce at the biology lab. Thus he could be a traitor. Ending the episode on such a cliffhanger that I want to read the manga like now. But after these revelations I believe that there are only three possibilities in the next episode. So here are three possibilities that can end up being none of them after this post.

3 Possibilities

Charce is the Traitor

But, I am sticking with my gut with Charce not being the traitor. I might be proven wrong in a couple of days. But, I am not accepting the fact that he is the traitor. Cause I feel like there’s a reason Aries didn’t see her. So I hope that it is like he snuck on the ship. But, if he is it will be interesting.

Charce is not the traitor and is being framed by the true traitor Aries

Now, their could be a chance that she is lying. To make Charce blame her to be the traitor. Thus making everyone take sides on the ship. Which would be an epic power struggle and truly test their bond.

Neither is the Traitor and the true traitor is Funicia Raffaeli

I am sticking with my gut and saying that Funicia Raffaeli is the true traitor. As I truly feel that the group has grown such a strong bond over the time they have spent. So I really can’t see any of them being the traitor unless my mind control puppet theory is in the works. As it seems like the majority of the parents would be alright if their children were gone. Which is really bad. But, I feel as if this is the traitor then the whole series would be a hell of a lot crazier. Since it’s them against the world at that point.

But, I might be looking way too deep into this as usual for me and anime.


Man it crazy that we are already at the half-way point of the season. While having such an amazing anime along with the other heavy hitters this season. It is a great time to watch this anime. Also, I just want to thank the people that came to view my other Kanata No Astra post because I never thought that it would make such traffic. So until next time, 読んでくれてありがとうmy A&M people.

4 thoughts on “Traitor Revealed? Kanata No Astra EP.6 Reaction (EP.6 Spoilers)

  1. It was such a great cliff-hanger and I really cannot wait until the next episode. Particularly with how well they delivered on the cliff-hanger leading into this episode. I’m really enjoying this series and while I still haven’t actually decided on a traitor, honestly, Charce is the last real wild card we know nothing about (though Zak’s been pretty much in the background as well).

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    1. Yeah every episode now is tempting me to read the manga more and more. But, it is such an interesting and fun anime that it is worth the wait. But, man this is an epic halfway point in the anime that I really enjoy. Also this anime is just getting better and better every episode.

      Zack, Charce, and Aries are the last three to really get major developments. Also, Charce is such a interesting character already as he was always acting weird. So I can’t wait to learn about him and Aries past. Also on the traitor I am fully convinced in with my Mind Control Puppet Theory.

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  2. What I love about this series is that I’ve read several theories, all contradictory, and all equally plausible — including this one! To me, that says the show’s done a great job weaving its plot and characters.

    I’m really looking forward to the next episode — which is something I find myself saying after every episode so far!

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    1. I feel the same also as this has such a good plot. That anything can happen with it. This show is also so unpredictable at times with all of the craziness.

      Can’t wait for the next episode of this series.

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