My Top 10 Anime of Summer 2019 (At the Half-Way Point)

Time for my heavily bais top ten list of the season. As we talk about the top ten anime of the season to me as we have reached the 6 episode mark for most of these series. So here are my thoughts on all of them and if you should watch it. As I have been back on the anime train recently and have been catching up to some of these series along with finding new loves. Also, I have not seen every anime in the world so hope that you bare with me as I talk about my top ten favorites. Also if there is an anime that I haven’t mentioned because I have a lot of free time so shot out some recommendations.  

10. Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

I hated this show after episode one. But, after I accepted that is so bad that it is good in a recent post. So I actually started to enjoy this series and shockingly enough I will watch it to the end no matter how bad it gets. I will say that the one thing that is keeping me watching this also is the relationship between Hajime and Yue as they are one of my favorite couples in the anime season. 

My Very Poor Synopsis(VPS): This anime is about a man named Kirito I mean Hajime and he finds a loli vampire that is in love with him not named Shinobu.

Dropped Quick Round

I will probably not pick these up again. But, who knows anymore as I picked up Arifureta. But, here are my VPS and thought about it.

Drop. Isekai Cheat Magician

Isekai garbage and not gonna continue. 

Drop. Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?

Millf incest Isekai garbage and only liked the concept

Drop. Magical Sempai 

Just Fanservice, but might read the manga one day.

9. If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord

I really like the anime. But, to be honest I was gonna put it on hold forever or just binge watch it one day in a dead season. But, then I found out that their is a huge plot twist at the end. So I am sticking out for that. So I am watching solely for that.

VPS: Make babies japan the anime plus isekai.

8. Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?

Welp, this is just the fetish series of the year. Cause I will tell you that everyone in this series (besides the main character) just has some messed up fetish. So this is just hilarious overall. Just an anime to turn your brain complete off to. Like don’t even use a single one when watching this anime. 

VPS: The fetish harem anime.

7. Danmachi II

I have only watched one episode so far and I need to pick up the slack. But, I know that this is a great show so I will continue.

VPS: Hestia.. I have nothing else to say to that.

6. Fire Force 

I have only watched one episode of this sadly and I don’t know why I haven’t continued it past a certain point. Cause I loved the first episode to death. But, I never really put in the time to watch it (Cause of me trying to complete all of my backlog). But, bast on the first episode I will say that it is good. Not fire (like every person has said to death about the show).

VPS: Firefighter fight fire with fire?

Honorable Mentions

HM. Are You Lost?

I like this show very much. I really have nothing to day to it except that.

VPS: Girls lost on an island and really not in danger.

HM. One Piece Wano Arc

This is the best art style that one piece has had in the anime. In the possible best arc in the series. It to me is something that I consider an amazing art change and made me pick up the anime again since Dressrosa. So it is low key amazing.

VPS: ZORO TIME!!!!!!!!

5. Dr. Stone

This is an anime that I really love. But, I am skipping some parts because I have read the manga to it. So I really am reading this just to see my favorite characters in anime form. But, I will say that this anime is overhyped.

VSP: Science and science.

4. Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

I am gonna say this right now. This anime has one of the strongest OP and ED combinations of all time. Along with such a great cast overall. Hibiki is funny as hell. Macho is the bro of the season. Along with the latest episode that came out. This is just a fun series overall. I really like this anime because it really has nothing bad about it. Like it is one that I cannot find any flaws. 

VPS: An amazing show about girls exercising.

3. Kanata no Astra 

There is so much that I can say about this fun space adventure story. But, the one thing that I will say about it to newcomers that this is fun. The characters are fun, the bonds that they make is fun, and this is a chill anime. Along with the intense moments that make is even more interesting. Also this has one of the best soundtracks of the year.

VPS: Actually a very interesting show that can hook you in episode one. The cast is among one of the strongest of the season. 

2. Vinland Saga

This is amazing and is gonna be a masterpiece of an anime. Along with it being done by the amazing Wit Studio as they tell this amazing story of vikings. Along with the story of Thorfinn and his story of revenge. This is so fucking good and I have love the anime for its adaptation of this anime so far. 

VPS: The revenge story of Thorfinn and the life of vikings.

1. Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo

I truly love this series to death. As the girls in this anime are real fucking people. Going through their lives and figuring out the unknown. This has amazing comedy that I have laughed my ass off to. To then have heartwarming moments that really hit you in the feels. This is an anime that I really didn’t think that I would have watched all the way when reading the synopsis. But, now it is my favorite anime of the season and I really can’t put anything above it.

VPS: Girls learn about sex.


I really am liking this season. Cause it really surprised me with the anime and the sleepers especially. But, I will say that this is an anime season to remember because of all of the amazing shows and many surprises this season. So I hope that you enjoyed this and that I have convinced you to pick up one of them this season. But, if there are some that I missed just let me know about. Because I can never get enough anime. 

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