A Beautiful Story | Kizumonogatari Movies Reaction

Kizumonogatari is a F****** Beautiful Story

I just finished the Kizumonogatari films and I really had to rewrite this post over and over again. Cause I really could not find the proper words to describe the utter greatness of these movies. As I keep being told that I could watch movies at anytime in the series because they were the prequels. But, I waited and followed the broadcast order and I even got with hit the HUGE cliffhanger in Koyomimonogatari. As it made me even more shocked than I already was of how this series is really amazing. But back on the story of Kizumonogatari, as I finally have a little bit of a break before the fall semester starts. So I can finally put in the time to watch a lot of anime in my backlog as the remainder of the Monogatari franchise was one of my top priorities.

As I just finished watching the Kizumonogatari films on amazon. I will say that it was the best 13 dollars that I spent in a long time. Because I never felt so much in a series of movies. Cause it was just beautifully done overall. The visuals were out of the world. Seeing all of the cast before everything happened was enjoyable. Also the fights and comedic moments were still in this series fully. So lets talk about this fucking beautiful franchise.


The studio of shaft really out done themselves with this one. I will say that this is probably their greatest work that I have seen from them period. Hell I will say that this is some of the greatest animation that I have ever seen in my life. As this was just masterfully done. From this visuals of mix real life with animation to still giving it that amazing monogatari style. It was masterfully done with the overall narrative of the story. This is just beautiful and I really couldn’t not thank enough the studio of shaft as this was just amazing. 

Shinobu Vs Arargi

This fight was just crazy and comedic at the same time. The way they were fighting in the sport arena. To the music that was playing in the background to make it feel as if they were truly in a home game or something. To Shinobu just murdering Araragi over and over again. With him not holding back either. The the end when we find out that Shinobu was doing this all for Araragi’s best interest and her wanting to die. That really hit me deep. Cause I thought that she really hated him they learned to love him. But, then cause of his compassion that made her willing accept that she would get eaten by Araragi to be human. Then that masterpiece of an ending that Araragi made a choice that Shinobu and him would live miserably together for eternity. This was just beautiful and made me respect their relationship a lot more. 

MEME Greatness

I have never missed a character so much in the series ever until I saw Meme. This man from his introduction to the end of the movies he was just plain awesome. This man is literally jump from the highest building possible and straight up block three people with the intent to kill. Like that is a way to make an introduction in a series.


Shinobu was already in my top ten characters in anime history before these movies. But after these movies she might be top 5 I am just saying. Because she might be a crazy, crazy person. But, her overall morals and her dynamic with Araragi in the anime was just so fun.

But, I even love her character even more now as in these films she just proved why she is the only girl in anime history that might surpass Holo the Wise Wolf as my favorite girl of all time.


This man is now solidified as my number two characters of all time. In the beginning I put him their cause of me really liking his character for the moment. But when you see his deep character that I can just write an essay about him. Hopefully one day I get to write about his character in depth one day. I really want to say more about his character. But, I want to wait for his story to end.


I wanted to talk a little bit more about Hanekawa as to me personally I honestly like her a lot more then Senjougahara right now. Cause what she did from the beginning to the end of the movies really made me wish that it was her and not Senjou. Also I know that was her putting on her face. But, I believe that there was some genuine moments in that series.

Also the one L that this man took in this series is that he was a straight up “chicken” as she put it. As Hanekawa was preparing her body for the worst(meaning ready for anything) . Yet Araragi was just a little bit of a “chicken” and did not lay a finger on her. He didn’t even get to touch the greatest in the world. I am talking about chicken breast.


This anime is always getting better and better as I continue it more and more. It is crazy that there are only two more series in the franchise. As I plan to watch Owari and Zoku by thursday. But, it is crazy how much this anime has made me think about life in general. As this is just amazingly done. But, I will say this right now as of now this might be my favorite anime of…..(error)

I had to rewatch some Gintama senses to come to my senses. Cause I was about to say some madness right now. But, thank you for reading because this was actually really hard to make because of the greatness of this series. As it just keeps on amazing me so I am not really ready to let it go. But, all good things must come to an end sometimes.

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