Best Series of the Season | Katana No Astra Episode 7 Review

Spoilers for episode 7. So if you haven’t watched a masterful episode go watch it ASAP. Cause it was flames and I am giving it a full review today.

You know it’s gonna be a good episode when there is no opening. And boy this episode is one for the books of amaziness. Cause after this episode I have never seen such a bond between a group of people that have never really know one another from the beginning. We get to see the past of Charce that really was shocking and hit me the most. I come up with another one of my famous theories for this anime. We then get another huge surprise.

True Family

You know the friendship troupe has been beaten to death by series. But, the style that Kanata No Astra does it is just amazing. As you can see these people just being honest with one another instead of keeping secrets and keeping the confusion. As I really thought that they were gonna lock Charce up. But, then I realize that when it comes to the bonds that these people with almost no family to go home to. They really formed a family light years away in space. So I really loved how they are all honest and just a unit together now. This is just an amazing cast and I can’t wait to see them go through all the trial that they have to go through in this anime.

I Feel for Charce Heavy.

As watching this episode this week I really teared up for my boy Charce. Not after hearing his story which was sad in itself. But, finding out that the girl that he care about so much. The person that he visited everyday and was then taken away from him, could be standing right next to him. But, he doesn’t want to confront it or confirm it cause she doesn’t remember or know about it at all. But, man I feel for this man heavy cause of that. Hell I cried when I figured it out. She is right there, but has completely forgotten about it all.

Mini Theory SEIRA = ARIES

This mini theory is like 99% confirmed. Like come on, both biologists that where both forigen and other things. For example, Charce said that she is like her. On top of this that her name backwards is literally Seira as you can see in the OP. This is near fact and not a theory at this point. (Also on a side note: I have been coming up with too many theories). I just hope that Kanata claim his girl quickly. Cause he got himself some real competition now.

New Planet

This planet is the planet of half cold and half hot. As this is a really interesting island. But, I will say that this is probably gonna be the hardest test that they had to face this series. As now that their ship is down after dealing with one of the most harsh environments in the series. They now have no way to get home. I also feel bad for Zack that he had to tell the truth to crew. But, lucky they have found a old ship. So hopefully they can combine the working parts to get home. But, they found someone on the ship.

New Person

Zack mentioned earlier about being put in a cryostation tube until help arrived. So I was in complete belief that they would find another person on the ship. As they did find a new female that has been in the tube for 12 years. But, the question now is why is the ship still the same as Astra. Making me think a lot more than I thought before. I am coming up with too many theories for this anime.


I will say this now. This is now tied for my anime of the season after this episode. But, it is really fighting O Maidens In Your Savage Season for it. But, I love how much this anime has done with its amazing story. With all of the mystery and all of the story. This is an anime that I am looking forward to every week now. As it is just that good of a series. So thank for reading this and taking the time to read about this amazing series.

4 thoughts on “Best Series of the Season | Katana No Astra Episode 7 Review

  1. I am absolutely loving Kanata no Astra and it just seems to get better each episode. I’m really wondering how much of Charce’s story was true. It was nice how everyone just accepted it at face value but it feels a little bit off to me. Still, they’ve got bigger problems at the moment given whether someone is a traitor or not the ship has crashed and they either need to fix it or figure out how to live on the planet for a longer period of time.

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    1. You know I really didn’t think about that. I was completely feeling for my boy Charce. I don’t even know who can be the traitor at this point. Like they truly feel like a family to me.
      I am thinking of a new theory that might be confirmed after the next episode. I also think that no one is the traitor by choice.
      But, I really can’t believe that this series is getting even better than its potential. I hope they find a way out though cause that planet is not the best to live on compared to the beach island.

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