Owarimonogatari 2nd Season is GREATNESS

Owarimonogatari 2nd Season was something that I was anticipating since it was the highest rated season of Monogatari. While also having the most praise. So when I watched it. I never thought that I would tear up so much in this series since the Hanekawa rejection. As seeing Araragi realize his faults and having that whole conversation with Ougi I literally cried. Then to see Shinobu in the huge red wedding-like dress. As she choose life with Araragi instead of her full power. I am lost of how amazing Nisio Isin is as a writer. Hell Nisio Isin IS THE GREATEST WRITER IN HISTORY. I will say that right now. Cause after this I really can’t put anyone above him. Hell right after finishing the series I made Shinobu my banner. 

Hajikuji’s Return

I am glad that she has returned into the series not only that but, with Araragi and his tendencies….  towards her I never thought that I would miss a duo so much. Also as we get to learn more about what the hell Gean did to Araragi. It makes me even more happy that she did. As she is in the process of becoming the God of the town so I am happy to have her back. 

Hitagi and Araragi

I just want to note about their relationship as a whole is every so stronger. Despite not really having a lot of screen time as Hatagi pointed out(breaking the fourth wall). She is still up their in the best girl category. Also she can drive now so that is lit. Also the way that she acts every time she loses to Araragi overall it was cute. I love her character and am excited for the future.


Gaen is a lowkey GOAT-tier character as she made a method where everyone in the end was happy. While still keeping that cool smile on her face the entire time of the series. She is also mysterious still. But, if you want to know anything she knows it. Hell she is at Meme level of knowledge which is amazing also.


Araragi is so complex of a character that I really feel as if I could be in his shoes. As what he went through in this anime is just amazing. I have to say that yes he is still up their as one of the GOATS of all time. As I say he is just a human character that I really can relate to on so many levels.

Ougi and Araragi

That was a shocker that she was araragi’s half. Then to realize that she is his whole adolescence. The whole interaction with them in the school was masterful that I really don’t know how to put it into words. As seeing everything that he went through then to have Ougi stare him in the face ready to die. He still refuses to not save her. To then get the GOAT of Meme to come in at the perfect moment. 

Meme Greatness

This man came in for one scene. Said only a couple words and was gone in an instance. As in those couple of minutes of greatness. This man truly is one of the most goat characters in the series. As when he came and I saw his earring. I straight up jumped out of bed. Cause he is litteral greatness. Also seeing him just casually fix everything. To then seeing a more matured version of Araragi. It made me happy that I got into this series. As it took a lot of attempts. I will admit that. I was just thrown off by all of the dialogue. But, learning about all of these characters and their stories was just utter amazing. As seeing Hanekawa bringing this man from Antartica it was just amazing. I love Meme cause he is just that much of a GOAT character.

Hanekawa and Araragi

Also I still am in love with Hanekawa searching the world for this man. Looking utterly exhausted. To then see the look on Ougi’s face as she straight up shock that she actually got him. It was amazing that that happen. I will say one thing though that is a harem so bad. Like man it still hurts me that she finally changed into a better character and he will NEVER(maybe) get to coupe one feel of the second best heart (Shinobu for the win) in the series. Also I like the little tease that she gave Senjougahara in the series after learning about the first name basis that Araragi and her are at now.

Shinobu and Araragi

Shinobu is utter greatness. As she was patiently wait for Araragi after his murder for him to return. As she was in a full power vampire mode. But, she waited so she can have the possibility of being with him again. To then, not killing a single person cause it would not be what Araragi and herself would want. Then, willing to go back to the form that she once considered hell. But, now could never live without as he too cannot live without. She is such a beautifully written character that I have to say it.

She is now my favorite character in the Monogatari franchise. As she has gotten so much development within the franchise that I really would be lying to myself if I say that she is not my number one character in the series. While also being number one all time. As she is just a masterpiece of a character. From the Kizu films, to her first speaking in Nisemonogatari. She is such a masterpiece of a character that I really love her now. 


This show is a masterpiece with this being my 2nd favorite season in anime history. As this was just utter greatness. I am really sad now that the journey of this greatness is coming to an end soon. As I will watch the final season in Zoku after this post. As it is such an amazing journey that I am really not ready to finish. But, all good things must come to an end. So off to the next my A&M people.

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