So I Just Read 215 Chapters of Black Clover (Kinda Non-Stop) | 5 Reasons To Read

So I finally picked up the Black Clover manga and I have to say that it is really fricking good. I was always far away from it due to the stigma around it. Being a series that had copied other series and is generic as hell. But, I am here to say that it is way better than the haters say about it. Cause it is just non-stop action, the cast is full of amazing characters, mainly being my GOAT Yuno. So I will say that this is a manga (NOT ANIME) that does everything amazing with amazing art also. So I want to talk about the top 5 reasons that made me read over 200 chapters of the manga with no spoilers cause I want more people to read this fun series.


The magic system in this world is limitless as you can have magic from shooting magic blast to giant mecha houses. The different types and the diversity of the magic is something that Really hooked me in the series. As the royalty power difference and the overall different ways to use mana and even no mana is so fun. So I will say that I really like the way that they made the magic for everyone in the series really unique.

Black Bulls

The black bulls are a family that each of them were brought together by Yami. With them being the most dysfunctional squad in the Clover Kingdom. They are a group that I can say has the most has the most heart in the series. Along with that heart they are all a true family and care deeply for one another. With each member having their own past that I really can talk all day about. Actually, I plan to talk about in the future about them really soon because I really want to cover this series now. But, this group is one of the main reasons I have kept reading this series.


Now the captains are really interesting. As they are real human beings that have relations with one another. As in most other anime, superiors or people under a banner don’t even bat an eye with one another. But, with this people have rivals, they have relations and even crushes with one another. As they feel like they are anime character that have just made it towards the end of their anime and are now teaching the next generation. But, are still trying to be better in the new anime. (Hopefully that was a good analogy or whatever). But, they are a really good cast with very unique designs. *cough* Silva *cough*


I will say that this man is my favorite character in the whole series. As he is someone that believes that Asta is his rival so much that he trains his powers to the max because of him. Even when Asta had no grimoire this man believed that he was his only rival in the series. As this man grew up in the same land of Asta. He faces similar challenges as Asta but has a little bit of an advantage over him in the series. 


Asta is really one of the best characters that I have seen in awhile. Despite being born with no powers, despite being born down in the slums, despite having the whole world be against him. This man never gave up and always had a smile on his face. Training harder than anyone in the series showing that hard work can overcome anything. Also this man really motivated me to really put in 110% into my blog. Cause this can be something great one day and I just need to keep putting in the work so thank you Asta. 


I want to go more in depth hopefully in my queen of Noelle and my GOAT in Yami. Due to me wanting to keep this spoiler free. But, know that this is a series that I plan on talking about for a long time. As the manga is something that I might even start covering one day. I am glad that I finally picked this series up also cause it was just their and I was like hell let me give it a chapter. As I finished, I saw the sun was already black and I was really shocked on how addicted I got to the series. So hopefully that is the last time I do that. Thanks for reading my A&M people.

12 thoughts on “So I Just Read 215 Chapters of Black Clover (Kinda Non-Stop) | 5 Reasons To Read

    1. That’s actually tough. Cause I would probably say I am split right down the middle between the two depending on the series. But, I would have to say I am more of a manga guy.

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      1. Thanks, basically any manga even if there is no anime for. Due to there being such great series that it can’t even be animated properly.

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      2. Nice to hear that, I want to create my own manga, that why I ask, I want to know how if I create a good manga will people start to read it or it’s just me

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      3. That’s amazing that you are doing that. Plus you have amazing artwork. I say that if you have the passion you can achieve anything.

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      4. It a manga about making manga. It is actually really information about the industry so I reccomend it to you. It is also made by the same creators of Death Note.

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