O Maiden In Your Savage Season | The Literature Club Girls (Ep. 7 Spoilers)

To me this anime is probably one of the most underated of the season. As it has some of the most real written characters that I have seen in a while. So I just wanted to talk about all the girls that have chaptered my heart in this anime. As today I talk about the 5 savage maidens that are all really well written and cared for in this anime.

Kazusa Onodera

She is my second favorite in the anime. As she is someone that caught my attention with one of the greatest scenes in anime history. Her and her main love interest had a very odd exchanges. Then the opening her eyes to the world of sex. I have watched this scene to many times for my own good. It was just fun to watch her develop into such an amazing character. She is someone that cares for her friend and the one that she loves. But, when she realizes who she loves she takes time. But, she is ready to confess to him.

Also I love that she has someway now to put sex in every. With her interdiouge being a fun experience in the overall show. So I want to say that she is someone that I can’t wait to see at the end of her character arc.

Rika Sonezaki

She is someone that I have a love/hate relationship with. Cause for Shun the guy that cared for her before she put on all of the makeup. Then wrote a FUCKING 50 PAGE ESSAY about his feelings to her. He is a man that really cares for her and I love that he finally gets in a relationship with her. But, due to her shyness and wanting to reveal her relationship to others. She is neglecting him thus making me dislike her character a little. So I hope Shun can do something about it or even her break out of her shell.

Niina Sugawara

Now in the beginning I will say that she was one of my favorite characters. But, after episode 7 I kinda need a little bit of therapy after what I just saw. Cause she is someone that fell in love with a legit pedo at a very young age. So she has a little bit of a warped mind compared to the others. So she in the first episode says that she wanted to have sex.Cause she said she was gonna die soon. I love that quote from her cause our life is truly short.

But, in later developments she shows a lot of compassion and one of the best lines that I saw from her. Is that when her friend caught her with her love interest. But, she didn’t want to confront her about it because she thought that she was dating him. But, Niina was mad that she would even think such a thing. So I like that about her character. But, for a fact I am bringing a cross to the next episode.

Momoko Sudou

She is one of the later bloomers in the show. But, boy does she bloom like a flower in the garden. As she did have a love interest later in the season. He was a nice guy and all. But, you could just see that she was really indifferent with him. Until she started to just get annoyed at him. Then is this episode it really hit hard when she was really just dropping lines of love for girls. As she basically confirmed that she loves girls in this show.

Especially Niina as she sees her as one of the most beautiful people in her eyes. So I feel sorry for DM boy(didn’t want to look up his name) as she straight up didn’t feel anything for this man. In past episodes I didn’t even notice. On one note she hasn’t realized it yet. But, she is someone that has finally stood out in the series. As she was constantly in the background. So I hope that her flower blooms.

Hitoha Hongou

Now where do I start with this girl. First off, she is the best girl in the series to me. Nobody really comes close. She was straight up ready to have sex with a grown man that she has not even met once in person or skype. To then fall for him (He is her teacher) and try her best to get with him. But, he ain’t letting her close ( I also really like the teacher). As they have the best relationship in the series. I hope that down the line (like three years later). They end up together. But, this series is really real and all these girls might not have a happy ending.

Now more about Hitoha, I just love her overall attitude and style in the series. As she is the one that has no experience despite all of her writings….
She has so many funny and amazing moments that show her innocents and when this teacher stops just because of it. I am just amazed on the good relationship that they have that was created by blackmail.


I just love that this anime and all of the characters that have not have their story full told yet. As this is a coming of age story that really has a lot of room to grow overall. Cause these girl are actually in highschool. Going through puberty and discovering the world of sex. This is a series that I can’t wait to complete. Also this series and Kanata No Astra are two of the most underrated of the season and I am happy that I am enjoying these two amazing series.

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