The Next Big Series | Spy X Family

*Minor Spoiler Warning*

I just want to note that I saw the image above on reddit a while ago and it made me pick up this series. As I was so curious on what type of series would have such a crazy scene. I then realized that the spy concept is one in anime and manga that has not been utilized enough in the industry. As series like Lupin the Third is the only series that I can think in my head that can be praised as such. (Even though they are thieves and not spies.) So when I saw the first page I was amazed by the first page alone.

This series is a story that can appeal to all lovers of manga and anime. Due to the fact that I feel like this is a truly original and fun series. With concepts that add to the As thes that has only 12 and a half chapters along with a solid core three main characters. Is a series that can appeal to all fans of the series. Along with its original aesthetic and story that is very fun. This series is young and is full of potential. So I highly recommend it.


Now about the meat of this story. As the plot is about a spy named twilight. A person that is overpowered elite spy has to have a mission to have a family for reasons. But, the way that he forms this family is amazingly. He adopts a daughter that can read minds and finds a wife that is elite hitman(good taste in women?). Forming the most elite families in the series. As they have a mission that formed this unlikely trio.

Lloyd X Yoru

This is amazing stupidity and the way that they met was just amazing. As they both got together because of their jobs and when they tie the knot. It is just amazing. I will say this because they are a fake couple FOR NOW. But, their fake relationship is putting some of these real relationships on notice. Plus they are too perfect for one another.


But, the best part is that only the daughter knows about the secret lives of the mother and father. Due to the fact that the daughter that can read the minds of everyone. She accepts both her parents and think that they are super cool. She even helps them on missions with her mind reading abilities. It’s kinda crazy how much that she can read their minds. As it’s like having a child that you can legit never lie or bullshit to.


One thing that I can say about this greatness is the funnest of the series. With the father always being put in to some of the craziest and weirdest side quest for his job. The mom literally near killing people for her daughter and the perspective of Anya the one who is just happy to have a family. No matter how crazy they are. So I am happy that this is getting up their in sales and is rated so high as a new series. So I can’t wait were the story takes me.

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