Black Clover Squads : The Crimson Lions

I love the story of Black Clover so much that I made a series out of it. So time to talk about the nine squads of the Clover Kingdom. In a random order that was decided by 9 lottery balls. It so happen that the squad that I would join first if given the chance. Was the number one in the random selection. So let’s talk about one of the GOAT squads of Black Clover the Crimsons Lions.

Okay out of all the magic squads in black clover. I would love to join the Crimson Lions. Mainly due to the fact that they carry two of my favorite characters in the series. With the eldest brother Fuegoleon and the older sister Mereoleona being just amazing characters in this series. As they are just great leaders and two people that I would have as my captains in a heartbeat. Even over the lovable psychopath of Yami.


This squad is a powerhouse in the series that has produced an amazing amount of talent. One former member Therasa is someone that has a lot of mana originated from the Crimson Lions. The squad always were ranked in the top three until this year. Which was mainly due to spoilers happening and they slipped lower than originally than previous history. So it was fun when they got a lower rank and then Mereoleona got so pissed at them that she made them have a hot spring training. Now if you think that it is fun. It is not. But overall they are just a squad with a lot of hard workers and a drill sergeant as a captain.

Captains: Fuegoleon Vermillion & Mereoleona Vermillion

Now Fuegoleon is a GOAT in my book. This man when it was a little too late realize that Asta is a really interesting person. Then says that he is his rival. Giving Asta more motivation to become the wizard king. So I got to commend him on that. Also his powers are straight fuego, flames, fire.

Mereoleona is also a GOAT in my book because she is someone that comes off as a hot head at first. Is still a hot head as of this chapter. While also never looking to change her way. She is a fun character that has a military mentality as she since becoming captain. Has made her squad work harder than they have ever worked before. She also has this attitude that no one can beat her. So when when she is in a room with her back against the wall. She will not back down and fight as if she is gonna take the biggest dub of all time. So I just love her character and can’t wait to talk more about her in her profile.(future profile series confirmed)

Member: Leopold Vermillion

Now time to talk about the second biggest rival to Asta. As Asta is someone that has always had Yuno as his rival. It was a nice change of paste when Asta started to gain even more rivals in the series. There is also a lot of development put into his character and I hope that he becomes a vice captain soon. Mainly cause out of everyone in this series to be the next vice captain. I would have to say that he has the most likely chance (besides Yuno).


I just wanted to dip my toes in the amazing story of Black Clover. As I plan to talk about all of the nine squads then the captains. Along with a lot more characters in this growing franchise. So see you next time as I talk about the Azure Deers one with a very loaded house in the past. So until another day 読んでくれてありがとう, my A&M people.

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