HUH!? | Kanata No Astra Episode 8 Review

This anime keeps amazing me and making me laugh every episode. So I have to say that this anime is the most underrated of the season. I have never seen such an anime in a good minute that blends mystery and comedy to such a degree. Making this series so unique to me and making it the highlight of my Wednesdays. So let’s talk about another amazing episode of Kanata No Astra.


The episode starts off with the introduction to Polina. The new member to the crew and the teth member that has been trapped in the chamber for 12 years. I kinda feel sorry for her low key that as soon as she got out of the chamber. She was informed that the people that saved her are also lost and have a damaged ship. So I can understand her fainting.

But, I like the information that she gives us. That her ships was looking for planets to inhabit for humans. Further expanding the world. So I like that she gave us that information. But, what also confuses me is the is when Polina realized the year and said that nothing has happened. Which could be assumed that they were never sent a rescue team in twelve years. Or that something bigger has not change. But, I want to note that she did not know what the black orb was.

Ship Repaired

Aries realize that the ships could combine the good parts together and the journey could continue. So they got it fixed together quickly too. So I am happy that it was taken care of and they can continue home.

Then we get some moments including Luca breaking the fourth wall a little bit. Then we get new that the plants on the planet are like animals and really good food. So I am happy that we are now almost ready to depart. All that has to happen is food gathering and time to go.

Zack Walker’s Past

I am happy that we got the best character’s past. As it proves that most of these children are not liked by their parents. Thus making me think of a huge theory and I might make a whole other post relating to it. Mainly due to the greatness of this series. So I am coming out with a post later today called The Erased Children Theory. Which is really messed up theory when you think about it. So I can’t wait to talk about it later today.


My favorite part of the episode. Being Zack Walker and Quitterie alone time. As they talk about Zack’s past. We then see Quitterie mad that even when she is alone with Zack he is emotionless. They we get one of the most beautiful hilarious confessions in anime period. So when Quitterie confessed to Zack that her dream to be Zack’s wife would never happen.

I was rolling when this man said HUH. It was an amazing confession writing in that scene. Then when Zack said that when they were kids. He already committed his heart to her and already thought that was the plan long ago. I was just like wow. That really explains a lot why he was so comfortable around her.

Also we find out that his emotionless expression is from his dad. So when this man confesses that he loved her this whole time I was just laughing and crying. I was a really good confession scene and all. Plus we get our first couple confirmed. Man scenes like this makes me happy that I took the time to watch every first episode of the season for every anime this season.

The Grave

On a sad note, we visited the place where all of Polina’s crew died long ago. Then we find out that it was due to more plant monsters. So RIP to all of her crewmates. But, she carries their will and an ID tag of her fallen friends. Also I know that it was stupid of Kanata do nearly kill himself over a tag. But, I am being real right now I was probably gonna do the same. So now Polina can leave the place that was her prison for so long.

True Family

So at the dinner table Quitterie noticed when checking the blood of everyone. That her and her sister have the same blood type. Polina point out that she thought the two were already sisters. Due to them looking very similar. Then Quitterie thought hell I would not hurt to test it out by Zack’s technology. Then, when she said that she might love her sister to much. If they were related by blood. I felt that really hard. Cause it really warmed my heart.


Well this series keeps amazing me every episode. If you told me that episode one that Quitterie and Funicia were the same person. I would call BS. But, man that is crazy that she is a clone. Hell maybe not only her but, Quitterie might also be a clone of the mom. Man this theory that I conjuring up is getting more and more crazy. Also on a little nice note on the studio. Thank you for telling us what Zack saw and not leave us on a cliff hanger.


Someone said last episode that this might not only be an anime of the season. But, possibly anime of the year. I really want to say that too right now. But, I am gonna calm myself for now. But, I will say that this series is the most slept one of the year already. So if feel sorry for every one that is missing this greatness. So until later today, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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