The Erased Children Theory | Kanata No Astra (Episode 8 Spoilers)

Now I will start off with a spoiler warning right off the bat. Also I have not read the manga. But, I am loving this anime so much that I have to put at least one more crazy theory before this amazing story is complete. So here is why I think that they ended up here, why Ulgur’s brother was killed, and why they were planned to get erased from history. So here is my big theory.


The purpose of the field trip was to kill all of the students in space. While having Funicia as an extra precaution. But, the function that controlled her to cut the wires malfunctions somewhere in the 1st planet with all of the crazy plants. Which is why we don’t see the black ball afterwards. Thus making the plan to never be heard from again and basically erasing the faults of the parents. As some of the children were bad clones, bad face, or just a waste to them. While also gaining publicity, fame, and money from the death of their children. They reason why I believe that is a couple main points.

Burden By Parents

Basically near all of the parents don’t show any love to their children. More likely that they would be better off dead. Which sounds really messed up when you think about it. But, there are things that show that near all the parents don’t show true care for them.

  • As Ulgur is disliked by his father. While also having his brother get killed.
  • Lucas being disowned because of his body. While his little brother becomes the head of the family.
  • Yun-Han being a put down by her mother. Never allowed to let her voice out.
  • Quitterie and Funicia are never loved or cared for her mother.
  • Zack father never treated his son like a human being.
  • Chare and his family having conflict because of the girl that is not named Aries.

The only two that we have not gotten the relationships with their parents is Aries and Kanata. But, we can see clearly that the mother of Aries cares for her deeply. Also with Kanata I just don’t know anyone outside of his Sensei. So the majority of them are better to be gone then alive. Also in the conference room in episode 5. The only one that really tried all that she could was Aries mother. But, Aries could also be wanted dead by Charce’s parents because she was a commoner and wanted to give Charce a reason to join and die. So that is one reason that they would want all of them gone.


So just a couple minutes ago we have been confirmed that Funicia is a clone. So the real question now is one if she is a clone. Who is she a clone of. Is she one of Quitterie or of her mother. How was she born and what memories were implanted in her. Also was she giving orders by them just in case. But, now I think that all of them and their families are connected somehow. Plus with memory manipulation you can maybe insert your memory into another person. Thus living forever. As Luca can be a what you call malfunction in the cloning.

Getting Rid of All Evidence

Ulgur’s brother was getting close to the truth and he pasted. They are hiding something major that most of the parents are in. While some of the parents are in it also. But, something so big that it was forced to get rid of three crews. Poline’s crew, Kanata No Astra, and the previous owners of the Astra. It must be something huge like hiding cloning and their children are the clones.

Funicia is the Unknowing Traitor

I am sticking with my puppet mind control theory with Funicia being the culprit of the ship wires being cut. Mainly due to her puppets last job being to cut all communications and to be killed by the ball. But, I am really not trying to go to deep in that rabbit hole of the dark ball possibly being tracked by the puppet. So I can’t wait to have the reveal if there’s even one.


Well this is the last huge theory that I will make for this series. Due to the events of this anime coming to an end in 4 episodes. Along with the crew going to their last planet before earth. I can’t wait for what happens next for this amazing series. Whether I am proven right or wrong I am loving the journey of these group of friends.

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