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Sometimes I really wonder why I am still watching this over so many anime that are considered a masterpiece and far greater than this. But instead I am watching a series with just horrible animation, terrible CG monsters, and a story that basically as if a more edgy Kirito wrote it. As I am saying all these bad things about it. It is like I am in a trace by the anime and still watching it.

Note on Episode 5.5

This is one of the first times that I had ever seen in anime history personally. To see that an anime would have a recap episode after the 5th episode in the series. To then just add to that to the mess that is this anime. I have to commend it. Cause if the goal of this series is to have the worst rating possible. Then I will say that the goal is something that they are really trying to pursue.

Episode 6

We get introduced to bunny girl. I call her that cause I dead forgot her name and I feel like typing this is way quicker then looking for her name. But, she was introduced and she was basically treated like Steph in No Game No Life. But, even worse than that cause Hajime is straight abusing her from the gate. Also I never realize this but man Hajime is low key an asshole. Cause I swear he showed attitude to Yue also.

But, they do their normal isekai quest stuff. Then the bunny girl wants to join them. Despite them rejecting her, abusing her, and straight up near killing her. She still for some reason falls in love with Hajime and joins them on their adventure. Which I really don’t fucking get why. But, I just say forced harem and seeing Yue jealous all the time. Also she is somehow overpowered cause she was training with Yue for who knows how long.

Fun Fact

Also fun fact, the author of the series got mad at the original animation for the series. So made the studio get a whole new group of people or a whole new studio. So I hope that the author is happy with what he has created.


I will say this now I completely plan to finish this anime this season. As I am too deep now to pull out. With this being the biggest sleeper of the season. To be the worst anime of all time. So I can’t wait for this to get a season two done by JC Staff. Then it will be the highest thing rated on Mal. So until next time, 読んでくれてありがとうmy A&M people.

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