The Clover Kingdom Needs Work | Black Clover Page 217 “The Scales of Justice” Review

Welp I am officially addicted to Black Clover. I plan on making a series about all the squads. Then making character profiles on all of the captains. Then even more on the series. As I am lost in all the characters and lore of this amazing franchise. I have also been listening to the 8 openings none stop on loop. So I am a black clover fanboy. So here is my first review of Black Clover Page 217 called “The Scales of Justice”.


So we start off the chapter with a beautiful color page of Nero, With her emotionless eyes. A couple days after the major battle Asta and Nero also have to face judgement with the parliament. Nero gives Asta constant reminders to not be careless. Which made me a little mad when they put Asta in cuffs immediately. Ready to throw this man in prison. Making him guilty until proven innocent. They then have to face judgement in front of an audience of royals.

Damnatio Kira

We then get the magic parliament’s president official introduction, Damnatio Kira. Already looking down on Asta and calling him a convict. Planning on framing him for everything. We then see the lazy king and he is acting as royal as ever. I wished that the people took care of him last chapter. I was really rooting for the other team their.

We then get to see Kira’s magic again with the scale. As Kira is holding the scale he is reading off all of Asta’s past and the royals are just belittling him. Which I really didn’t realize until now. But, all powerful magic users don’t necessarily have to be knights. As they can just be royals like the king. So then we have a whole group of people like earlier Nozel. That have not really realize his wrongs.


As the trail is going on. We see that Nero’s thoughts showing that prejudice is still here in the Kingdom. Despite all that Julius has tried to do. So I hope that when Feguoleon or Nozel as the new King helps a lot more on this prejudice side. We then see the true side of Kira as he is appalled that Asta a commoner would dare interrupt his speaking. Then tells Asta to just admit guilt so the magic knights don’t have to take the blame. So then he ask Asta what is it of these demons. Doubting that they even exist.


Asta ready to spill the beans about the demon in his grimoire. But, Nero stops him before he says it. So they plan to judge the others. Then comes out Marie. Also on a sidenote where the fuck is Gauche. Cause if the man is not changed in the deepest part of the Kingdom. Then their is no way in history that Marie would be in this situation.


Then she is claimed guilty for all the things that she did in her elf form. So they are ready to kill her on the spot cause of no evidence of her being a demon. So Asta realizes that the whole purpose of this was to reveal Asta as a demon. As they did, but Asta is now in a tough pickle regardless. Unless Julius or a Magic Knight like Feguoleon come in. This is not only bad for Asta now. But, in the future for him being the Wizard King.


I really like this chapter and I feel really sorry for Gauche not only was his sister in trouble. But, she was saved by Asta and probably is really in love with him now. I am hoping for an X factor or a word from Nero. So I can’t wait till next week for the story of magic. Until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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