I Got A Couple Words…. |Katanagatari Final Review

So I just completed the final three episodes of Katanagatari. I have some things to say about it. First off, Nisio Isin is a fucking GOAT. Second, yes I know how it ended. Also I love that this was a tragedy that help develop Shichika into a human. The the tool that he was before. To then say fuck you to destiny and the legacy that he carried. I was straight loss for words. Like I really wanted to find a way to hate on the ending. But, everything made sense when I sat down and thought about it. Even the fricking Shichika and Hetei journey afterword made sense. I would love to see their journeys afterwards. Am I going crazy cause I am convincing myself more and more that this was amazing. Let’s talk about the ending.

Togome’s Death

I was really in denial until she was put in a grave. I thought by some bullshit miracle that Togome would come back. But she didn’t in the end. But, I completely understand why cause even if she lived, Togome would still live a tragic life. As Togome fell in love with the man that she planned to kill from the jump. Which was true coming from her mouth. But, I didn’t want to accept it. As I thought that the love that she felt for Shichika would overcome her hatred. But, she is a tragic character with deep of a womb in her soul. So she could not have been saved. It’s so real but, man. Nisio Isin you are a masterful writer and man. I am really about to go and binge Medaka Box after typing this. Just to get some more of his amazing writing.

The Ultimate Blade

No rules, time to break swords. As my man Shickia was basically at his sister’s level. Never as strong cause no one will beat my queen. But, my man came in and straight bodied everyone. I was also fun to see all of the swordsmen. But, with far inferior people. So I really liked the straight murder this man did.

Shichika vs Emonzaemon

This was the fight that we were all looking forward too all season. It was beautiful and sad. As Shichika went to die but didn’t in the end. As he did as he did to his previous 11 opponents and straight up destroyed Emonzaemon.


When this man did the opposite of what everything Togome told him. But, he did do one thing she asked of. I was nearly in tears, when this man yelled Cheerio and straight murdered the Shogun. Making sure that people hear it. It was beautiful.

Unlikely Ending

If you told me that these two would be together in the end. I would not believe you in the slightest. But, somehow they will heal one another’s wombs. Like I should be mad as all hell. But, just reading the message that this man left. I was just at a loss for words at that point. Like I legit was frozen for a good ten minutes after episode 12. With the truly Tragic story that comes to an end. But, it was for the greater good as the people that they have touch have better lives because of it. But, I love the theme of saying fuck you to legacy. As Shichika became human and gave use one last CHEERIO.


I am still in amazement of this writing. I am happy that this man has written all of these stories. As I just completed this and the whole Monogatari Franchise. I was shocked by how much a man could impact me so much. I really just have to stress that this man is the GOAT. So I am going into a basment and reading Medaka Box until I pass out. So until next time Cheerio my A&M people.

P.S. Nanami Is GOAT.

Nanami is Life

Rating Overall 9/10

4 thoughts on “I Got A Couple Words…. |Katanagatari Final Review

  1. Katanagatari was a fantastic story to watch. I’m really enjoying reading the story now that it is being released in English and I’m looking forward to reading the ending. It is one of those stories where everything feels perfectly complete and there really isn’t anything that should be changed because it works perfectly as is. You’ve kind of made me want to rewatch it.

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    1. Yeah I am so happy that I started on this Nisio Isin grand watch/read. As this was just another beautiful story of his. Also I didn’t know that the light novel was released in English (RIP my wallet). I am also happy that I made you want to rewatch this classic beatiful story.

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      1. The book depository has two books so far in hard cover, each covers three volumes of the story so essentially we’re halfway. There’s a release date on the third book but it isn’t out yet. These were pricey given they were hard cover but they are absolutely beautifully put together. I reviewed the first book on my blog but haven’t got around to writing a review for the second but it was every bit as gorgeous.

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