Black Clover Squads: The Azure Deers

Time to talk about the Azure Deers or Aqua Deer in other translations. Also they were formally known as the Grey Deers under Julius. So this squad changes names a ton. But, if you want to know what is a squad that I hope gets a reform is this one. Either give the squad over to Mereoleona or Fuegoleon. Or Rill really has to mature and I hope he did after the latest arc.


This squad actually had a lot of heavy hitters in the past. As it held the WIzard King Julius, Yami, and William at one time. So it was a very loaded in the past. So I am shocked that after the wizard king left to be the wizard king that his former squad would fall so low. So hopefully it can come back to its glory days with a better Rill.

Captain Rill

Now out of all the current captains in the series. I would have to say that Rill needs the most growth overall. Due to him allowing the Deers to fall to the very bottom as captain. But, the positive is that he has the highest potential other than Yuno, Asta, and Noelle. Due to his mana and powers being straight up hacks. So if he puts in the work I believe that he could legit be the wizard king in no time.


Walter and Fragil are the only members of note in the guild. They are both really close to Rill also so they have some compatible power. So I will have to say that that their members heavily lack compared to the others in the series. So I hope that Rill recruits some heavy hitters in the future.


This one was short cause out of all the squads this one lacks strong people.(Beside Rill himself) So I can see why it bottomed out during the ranking ceremony. Well until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people. Sorry for a short one.

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