I Really Like Shia| Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou Episode 7 Thoughts

I am really questioning my sanity with this anime sometimes. As I was watching it today I really enjoyed the episode and am really anticipating the next episode. Also I am really enjoying this story, characters, and just interactions. Making really think consider buying the light novel to this fun story. Now enghouh of my weekly rambleling. Time to talk about the possible best episode of Arifureta so far.


After all the fanservice. Her actually proving that she is useful is refreshable to the series. Along with her just being a fun and entertaining character to me. She did her job and better in the episode. She also prove to not be useless. She is probably a contender for best girl of the season.

Also how much of their animation money went into making that kiss scene. Because I feel like the writer personally paid money to get that kiss scene animate like that. Just saying. But her in this episode made this series worth continuing to the end. I might be crazy for loving this anime, but Shia

Actual Plot

The forgettable students were talking about something. But, I really feel like nobody cares one bit about them. Also we learn that about the lore in the story along with many other things so that was okay. So I can’t wait to forget all of this in a week. Also that monster that they face was supposed to be the boss of the labyrinth. So she should be the same level of the 5 headed dragon. So I am just wondering why it only took them not even half an episode.


Also this sounds like I am fanboying over her and I am. She is such a fun character and when she shouted out that Hajime will take her virginity. I was just laughing my ass off at the end. Also the three of them are sharing a bed now so that is gonna be interesting.


This episode we get to see Shia is a really fun character. Making me really happy that she is part of the team now. As she entered her first labyrinth this episode and did pretty good. Also this episode was filled with fan service if you didn’t notice it enough. Also I learned now that the main purpose of the writer creating this. Is so that he can create the perfect harem and have them all in love with him. As he becomes the most overpowered person ever.

Well this was just a fin episode of the anime. So I can’t wait for what happens next. As I believe we finally get to meet the classmates that none of us care about. So I can’t wait for that episode and how Hajime is gonna show off his new girls and white hair. So until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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