Wow… | Katana No Astra Episode 9 Review

Well these episodes just keeps dropping more and more bombshells. As this one just drop two huge ones in this episode. So let’s talk about this amazing series that just keeps improving more and more. As this is just getting more fascinating and even more crazy. So let’s talk about Kanata no Astra Episode 9.


It was a shocker that Funicia was a clone. I even thought that Lucas was a clone due to his genetics. But, when Kanata and Zack said that we are all clones. I really took a pause for a moment. Cause I really was like damn. I was literally is a frozen state for a minute. This was something that I really could not expected. Like wow this really happened. I also I am amazed that Kanata and Zack thought of this and made everyone realize.

Waring for a Lots of Cursing Coming Up


Their originals (No Longer calling them parents) are some fucked up mother fuckers. Like seriously Kanata’s original trained him because of his body that he wanted to gain back in proper form. So he can be a top athlete again. Yun Han’s original didn’t want Yun Han to stand out because she wanted her personality to stand out. Quitterie original was one of the most fucked up for want to have Quitterie for her and have Funicia for extra fucking parts. Like damn how fucked up in the head can you be. Then as you were gonna get caught you straight up decided to throw away all of your children and erased them like they were just a bunch of toys that didn’t work. Like god damn.

Luca’s Original

We also get introduced to Luca’s original and find out that the reason that Luca has his two gender body is because of this bitch. Hold up a minute. You as an artist wanted to have a cross gender new body so you can be the ultimate art. Like what the hell my guy. That was really unnecessary for you to do. To then make Luca’s life even more of a living hell than it already was because of you perfect body. Overall you guys are scum I hope you guys are ready for the surprise of your life when this is over cause yall are utter garbage.

Being a Leader

I like that Kanata went around and confronted the crew and made sure that everyone was okay. Showing his traits as a leader and what a great captain he is. This is also just an amazing show of the bond that they have grown together. As finding out that your family was not really your family. But, not to care because of the love and bonds that you have grown with the people that you have went on this journey with. I love this story and what it means to the overall theme of the story.

Charce is hiding something | Yet Another Crazy Theory

Now I was in complete belief that Charce’s story was true. But, then fellow blogger Karandi from 100 Word Anime said something that made me think a little. How much of Charce’s story is true. Then after this episode I really didn’t want to think of another theory but, after this I was fully committed that Charce sigh is the traitor. I really didn’t want it to be him but, looking at all of the evidence. As his flashback was the only one in a different color and different time? Also we didn’t see the person that would be his original but, we saw everyone’s elses. We only ever saw him a whole different area. So I believe that Charce made a clone of Seira that was Aries. But, was told that in order to be with her he had to die with her. Which is a possibility and one that think would be insane if it happens.

Quitterie is Best Girl

Quitterie and Zack are the best couple of the season man. Like it was just funny when they revealed their relationship. Then Aries would come up with these questions. Then Zack would answer all these questions with the straightest face ever. Along with that the crew and Quitterie heart could not take it. I was done after that.


Welp. I am lost again. I really am spit balling here with this theory. But, I have made way too many to back out now. So with the planet being called Astra. (Being the one flaw I have with the whole series. Cause would you call your car Earth). This could only make me think of a couple possibilities.

That the Astra crew is all aliens from a planet very similar to earth. Or the planet Earth is now extinct because of the thing that Polina freaked out about last season. So I am really lost with the times and everything. But, when they started questing Polina I was so scared and confused and paused coming up with like a thousand options.


So this anime just keeps getting more and more amazing. I am starting to get lost for words for this series. I really was struggling all day to write this and put it on one screen. But, I believe that this is the best that I can come up with. So thank you for reading this 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people. Also I am gonna plug my previous review because of reasons.

2 thoughts on “Wow… | Katana No Astra Episode 9 Review

  1. “So I believe that Charce made a clone of Seira that was Aries.”

    That’s an interesting theory! There’s got to be some reason Seira and Aries looked, well, identical!

    It’s hard to wait for the next episode at this point.

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