My Top 10 Monogatari Franchise Openings

The monogatari has some of if not the greatest openings in anime history. So I just wanted to talk about 10 that I really liked. But, before that I want to note that it was really hard to cut the list down to ten because to me this anime is one that has so many great openings that I can never truly rank. Also warning for Senjou fans none of her openings made my list. Her openings are great but, cutting it down to ten made make some tough decisions including not having, Senjou’s openings, Chocolate Insomnia, Mein Schatz, Kaeremichi, Platinum Disco, and Kogarashi Sentiment. So let’s get on with the list.

10. Marshmallow Justice | Karen Bee

Starting with number 10 we have the energetic marshmallow justice. One that is really visually pleasing with the flowing colors. Along with it being very shonen esk music. It shows how athletic and fun Karen is. Along with the bee this is just an amazing opening overall. 

9. Renai Circulation | Nadeko Snake

Nadeko has two of the greatest openings of all time. With this one being a nice chill beat. One that shows her cute side. While also blantling spoil such a huge plot point that you would not notice if you watched it for the first time. But, overall this opening is just chill.  

8. Ambivalent World | Suruga Monkey

This opening reminds me so much of Kuroko’s Basket. But, I loved this one so much and believe that it is so underappreciated compared to the other openings. It is just an opening that reminds me of the greatness of Kanburu. Also the visuals of her flying in the flowers is so pretty and symbolic that it is just amazing. 

7. Perfect Slumbers | Tsubasa Family

From the intro I love this amazing relaxed but lonely beat. As this one just showed the story of Hanekawa to perfection. It is one that I really can’t describe but I love for its themes and just beauty.

6. Decent Black | Ougi Formula

When I first saw this opening I was so hyped mainly cause of that Ougi greatness. But, then it had that amazing beat and I was just lost in it’s amazingness. Along with Ougi just being still unknown what her motive is in this opening. But, she is smiling and bring her amazing self. As she just made this opening and the Monogatari franchise just amazing. 

5. Dark Cherry Mystery | Ougi Black

Another Ougi opening takes number 5. As this one just had near everything. As Ougi and her dark self just made this opening one for the books of Owarimonogatari. As she was flying in the air and her dark self riding the bike was one of the best animated scenes in a monogatari opening that I have seen.

4. Sugar Sweet Nightmare | Tsubasa Cat

I remember first seeing the opening and saying that no matter what Hanekawa was gonna be one of favorite characters in the franchise. With this opening having one of the most symbolic fanservice scenes in an opening that I have ever seen. As every see her for her body she tries to escape. But, the hands take over. Then giving us the best cat in Neko Hanekawa. This is a masterpiece of an opening and it is only at number 4.

3. Happy Bite | Mayoi Jiangshi

This one is one of the best visual openings that I have seen. Along with Hajikuji being her fun self this was just one that I really can watch over and over. Also her walk is the best in the series. I also say that this one is one of the most underrated in the franchise.

2. Mousou Express | Nadeko Medusa 

Now I have to day this one is probably one of my top ten greatest openings of all time. With the reverse and darker version of Renai Circulation. This one just is a masterpiece. It has the amazing music, it has the amazing visuals, the symbolism of Nadeko going to a darker place. THis is just once again a masterpiece. One that seriously if I woke up tomorrow I would probably put it at one.

1. Mathemagics| Sodachi Riddle

Now when I first saw this opening right off the bat. I fell in love with the song. Then seeing the visuals I was hooked. I put this on repeat so many times that I am still shocked that I don’t get sick of it. Then we I watch the story of Sodachi I fell in love with it more. Due to it having to do with symmetry and geometry. This was just amazing and one that I can say is my number one opening in the Monogatari franchise.


Their were so many more that I wanted to include. But that just shows how amazing Monogatari is when making its openings in each individual arc. This is such an amazing franchise that will never be forgotten. With the amazing series this is one that I consider a masterpiece. Along with its amazing openings. So until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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