The Black Bulls are Amazing | Black Clover Chapter 218 “The Worst of the Worst” Review.

Okay while this hurricane is procrastinating to hit us. I want to talk about the amazing chapter and the amazing ending. As we got a new Black Bull member, we got some info on how some people are doing post war, and one of the best entrances ever. So let’s talk about it page by page as we talk about Page 218 of Black Clover called the “Worst of the Worst”.

Theresa and Rebecca

We start with sister Theresa wondering why Marie went to the capital. But, then we have Rebecca (AKA Asta’s future mistress) rushing to her with the newspaper. Which I didn’t believe that this world has. But, it is interesting that we actually have a newspaper system giving more knowledge on the advancements of this world. Because it is always in the middle with this one.

The Clover Newspaper

Back to the story, we get the newspapers around the world. With Asta being portrayed as a devil to the world that was planned beforehand. Which is crazy that they were really trying to make Asta take the blame for this. But, we see a multitude of people’s reactions to it. Along with sister Lily and the criminals of the clover Kingdom. Including Sally and the former captain of the purple Orcs Gueldre. Which are doing construction work on the Clover Kingdom. Sally still remembers the promise that Asta gave her. But, I lowkey wanted her to join the Black Bulls cause she seemed like the perfect fit. Well I can only dream.


Well they are getting watched by Jack the Ripper so they might be having a worse time than prison or not. We get some more thoughts on Asta at the Golden Dawns. Then we get back to were the last chapter ended. With Asta saving Marie in his devil form.


Everyone sees him as disgusting and evil and won’t listen to a word that he says. Just wanting him dead and to take all of the blame. So he is ready to get judged and called utter evil. Until a bang is heard. There is smoke and fog and you see a group of very not mysterious members.

Enter the Black Bulls

Seeing each and every member of the black bulls saying why Asta is important to them. Then just seeing all of them ready to fight the whole country for Asta. You have to say that this is an amazing show of the bonds that the black bulls have made and we know that they are real ride and dies for all of them.

New Black Bull

Also we have a new member to the Black Bulls by force. Yami really be recruiting his members in the weirdest of ways and methods. But, we now welcome Nero to the family. Even though she was already part of the family she is now officially one. It was just funny the look on her face when Yami said it. So I guess the next chapter is Black Bulls going straight Rouge so this sounds fun.


Sorry for the late review. I really want to make this a staple in my blog. So I hope that you enjoyed the amazing chapter along with my late review. Tell me what you think is gonna happen next chapter comment section below. And until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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