Black Clover Squads: Coral Peacock

Time to talk about one of the weaker squads in the Magic Knights. That being the Coral Peacocks. When I say weaker I don’t mean by strength but by character wise as to me this has the second least important characters out of all the squads. But time to talk about the small but, very strong Coral Peacocks.


We really don’t know much about its history. But, we do know that they have had an increase from 51 to 67 stars. So they are a squad that is improving every year. But, One thing that makes me curious is how Dorthy got her status as the captain.

Captain: Dorothy Unsworth

Now I don’t want to spoil the manga to much. I will just say that when you get her episode she will be in your top 10 girls in the series. She might be sleeping in all the episodes that she was in so far. But, best believe when she is awake she is at a whole other level. I just feel sorry for the people that have to animate her chapters. I will say less, but she is a very good captain to me.

Vice Captain: Kirsch Vermillion

Now this guy is one of my favorites in the series. I love/hate his mentality as he has the flower petals similar to Byakuya from bleach. But, he has the mentality the ultimate pretty boy. I am better than everybody else and has some of the most royal lines in the world. He is a fun character that is actually very smart and powerful despite his attitude and well deserving of the vice captain.


They don’t really have members of note. So I hope that they achieve some heavy hitters soon. But, overall I wonder how interactions between Kirsch and Dorothy are. But, this squad is a powerful one that has some heavy hitters. So I can’t wait for what they do in the future.

My Ranking

I just have to say that this is a guild that I have to rank 3rd of the ones that I would join. Mainly due to Dorthy and my love for her character. She is just a fun person that I would have as my captain. Also while Kirsch has his moments he might warm up to you eventually…. Hopefully…..probably not.


Last time I did this I was really disappointed by the outcome of the last post. So I apologize for the last post one the Deers. It was not my best work and I don’t want any of my post to be like that. But, the next squad out of the hat is Blue Rose. So time to ask the question is who is the one man in the guild. Until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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