Guts and Casca | Berserk Chapter 359 Thoughts

You know I never really talk about Berserk on this blog that often. Maybe even never except for the one time about Schierke As I finally decided to pick up the new Berserk chapter and reread some of the older chapters. I was reminded of how great this manga is. So I wanted to talk about the top moments in the chapter briefly.

Casca’s Return

It has been a really long time. Since we have seen my best girl Casca and boy is she still as fun and Tsundere as ever. As she did a little bit of sparring and a little bit of fighting I was amazed by how long it took to get her back. And now she is finally back after such a long time.

The Art

I just want to highlight on the amazing art of this series. As Kentaro Miura takes his time with each and every individual panel in the series. I know the reason that this man take breaks is for the amazing artwork and even though he takes a long time to make. I have to give props to the man for the greatness that he is able to produce in this amazing series.

Guts I Feel For You

Now this manga still hits in the feels every time no matter what. As the face that Guts made in that one panel. As he can not even have the girl that he loves look at him. He is complete helpless not able to do anything about it. It is just an amazing panel.


This is just another amazing chapter of Berserk. So I am happy that I finally decided to pick up the chapter. I don’t know what will happen next with skull knight in the background. I just hope that Casca and Guts can have more conversations under that tree again. As she is one of the few lights to him in his dark and evil world.

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