The Traitor Is…. | Katana No Astra Episode 10 “Culprit” Review

Well this anime keeps amazing me everytime and this week is no different. As we had a history of the world explained. We had relationships finally form after they were shipped episode one. Then we finally after multiple post, multiple episodes, and multiple theories have the name of the Traitor. Time to talk about the best episode of Kanata No Astra so far.

Split History

We start off the episode finding out more about the history of the world. Or should I say the warped history of the world. As we have world war 3 happen after the Cuba incident. Thus causing a ban on guns in the world. We also find out Polina’s mission that she was supposed to find a planet for Earth to inhabit. Due to a meteorite crashing into the planet of Earth soon. So we find out that the new planet is Astra.


So we get more information on the history and it sounds a lot more like a void century in One Piece. (A huge government cover up). We then find out that the planet that they find the ship was actually Polina’s home of Earth. So we have been actually this whole time going from Earth to Astra. Which is kinda crazy that the human race migrated from one planet to another. To probably have some big heads have the planet ruled in their own way.

Aries & Kanata (Late at Night)

So after all of that exposition, Aries insisted that all of us need a break. So we all went to bed. But, Kanata had other plans. As late in the night he went to Aries room wanting something from her. Something that had to be really important. So they went in a room together and had a long night…..Talking.

But, on a side note. Kanata you really need to work on your phrasing. If anyone hear that out of context. You would probably be in prison already. But also Aries, I am not gonna say anything. Mainly because you are too pure for this world.

Ship Sailed

After they arrive on the next planet. Kanata and Aries spend some more time together. With Kanata saying to Aries that he would make sure that he took Aries home personally. Making sure that she was safe. Then having Aries ready to have Kanata meet her mother. So having all that and the night that they spent together last night. I can safely say that this ship is officially sailed.

It’s Back

The orb is back and was ready to kill Kanata. But, it stopped lucky right before he was taken. Making Kanata realize that the traitor has a portable black hole. So he finally figured out who it was. So I have to give props to Kanata because he really is smarter that he looks and acts.

The Traitor is Ulgar?

So he comes up with a plan to capture the traitor. So he gets Charce and Zack in a room. Then points out that the traitor is Ulgar. Which to be honest when I saw this I knew it bullshit. I have watch to much Promise Neverland and Deathnote to think that Ulgar is the traitor. But, Kanata made a plan to capture him with Zack and Charce. So the plan is coming and then we have one of the greatest scenes in the series.

The True Traitor is…

As Charce played bait to capture Ulgur. He then gets a gun pointed at him by Ulgar. We then have them separate as Ulgur’s gun didn’t work. We then see the Orb in between the both of them. Knowing that one of them is the killer. Kantana grabs the arm of the traitor to stop the orb. We then find out the killer was Charce all along. Theory mad Fact.


Man I really didn’t want it to be my boy charce. Really I wished that none of them had to kill one another of their own will. But, man it crazy that Charce was willing to kill themselves, wanting to do it in the vastness of space. So I really have to give props to writer. If I was not making theories non stop during this series. I would probably refuse to believe that he was the traitor.

Clone of the King

So Charce reveals the plan was to kill them all. While also killing himself. He also knew that everyone one this ship was a clone. But, what really shocked me was that he was the clone of the king. Also that no one realizes that he looked like the king. But, even if a king wanted all of them dead then is it them against the world now? If so then these final two episodes are gonna be crazy.


Man I love this series so much now. It is one that I have to give the highest of props to. With its amazing cast and to me the best OST of the season. This is just one of those amazing soundtracks that I have to give props to. Well can’t wait for this amazing story to end in the final two episodes. So Until then, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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