Assistant Professor Ushironomiya | Grand Blue Side Story “The Art of Escape” Review

Alright time to talk about another chapter of that grand Blue greatness. As we head to another side chapter after three chapters of plot??? Well I still love this story and we get another chapter of that greatness. So I want to thank Cruchyroll and Amazon for giving us these chapters on simulpub. Now let’s talk about chapter 56.5? 55.5? Let’s talk about the side chapter of Grand Blue called “The Great Escape”.

He’s Back

We start the chapter with the return of everyone’s favorite teacher. As this man just keeps trying to come in the most extra of cartwheels and back flips into the classroom. But, he fails at the landing and somehow breaks the air conditioning. So they have to have a boring class in the heat.


The heat is so unbearable that Kohei and the group begs the Assistant Professor to cancel class. But, he refuses due to his perfect record. Then, he states that he will be taking attendance at the end of class. Also anyone that is not here will receive and F. So basically held captive.

Roll Call Bitch

So Iori comes up with the idea that one of that gang ends up as the roll call bitch. Meaning one stays and suffers. So Iori tries to Naruto run out but, he won’t get out that easy. As he forgot about his amazing friends. So they all try to escape multiple times buy, fail.


Also on a side note the window plan would have been amazing. But, what was even more amazing is when Virgin didn’t even try to hide the fact that he was trying to make sure that Iori would not escape. I also love the assistant teacher’s general acceptance of it. That was funny.

Finally Getting Panels

I am just happy that this man is using his never being in the panels to his advantage. So he literary breaks the fourth wall and disappears to freedom because of it. So the guys volunteer to go get him. Which is kinda a plan that they could have used to avoid class the whole time. But, they didn’t think at all.

Diving Drinking Time

So because of Fujiwara not wanting to go back to that hell hole. He tries to resist until something catches all of their eyes. Something not even the assistant professor can resist. Ice cold beer. So the professor accepts it for just this one day. So they end happily ever after.

But, some teachers were checking to put him on the recommendation list. But, after seeing him with two beers in hand twirling around. They instantly removed him. So he probably will never get that promotion. Thus ending another chapter of Grand Blue. Now you can leave cause I have just a couple negatives about the Grand Blue release so far this year.

Mini Rant

Now I just recently around January of last year reading this manga monthly and I was okay at first. As 2018 to me was an amazing year for the manga. But, to me this year has just been very slow paced. While also I know that they normally have two side chapters a year (Normally after 4/5 chapters). But, to me after giving us an amazing chapter 55. You go straight to a filler chapter. Which is really good and all. But, I personally wanted to continue on with Chisa’s development. So I just wish that the mangakas. Would just make this either faster pace or just bi weekly because waiting a month or even more for a side chapter is a little grueling.


Sorry for that mini rant. This is just a manga that I am passionate about and one that is close to my heart. So I just hope for it to be the best that it can be. So I gotta give props to. So thank you for reading another chapter of this Grand Blue greatness and until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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