Rookie Year: Thoughts On My First Year Blogging

Welp I never thought that I was gonna make it through my first year of blogging. But, I made it and am looking forward to the next. I plan on doing a lot in my first year, so I hope that you guys are ready. But, today I wanted to talk about each month of my blog leading to where I am now. With the rough patches, some of my first projects, and my motivation to keep blogging. So let’s talk about year one of Sae With A K.


Fun fact I started my blog in september. But, I didn’t think of anything to post to the blog for a whole month due to my procrastination. So I didn’t really start if on the right foot. But, committing the money to me was the first step of making sure this blog was succesful.


This was the month were I officially started posting and trying to make my blog a sports and anime blog. My first blog was the 8 bold predictions and looking back at it all of them was wrong (Except for Lou Will going back to back) a year later. I also this month started my first failed project with the NBA 30 Teams and Sentences. Also, I started my first review on a manga series which was Kingdom. Something that I still try to make a post about today. But, this month I was happy that I got some posts out there and making the first step toward my blog.


November was also a fun month to myself. As this month I was a little more dedicated to anime and manga. But, I was still making sports post that got 2 to none views. While making some more also making one of my favorite posts ever on the blog at the time in a Manga I Enjoy #1 (Note I never made a 2) | about the manga Sun Ken Rock. This was a post that made me really appreciate blogging. But, it made me more interested in blogging.


December was the last month that I was committed to the NBA 30 Teams and sentences. As I was still committed to watching the NBA season. But, blogging about it every week was time consuming. So I then committed to fully anime. But, making this complete shift meant that I had to have a series as a pillar of my blog. This first pillar would be my favorite manga series of all time. In the story of Grand Blue one that I enjoyed to the fullest.

As I didn’t know how to talk about it. I just thought to bring up the top 5 chapters that I loved in the year. As I was writing this I never knew how fun it was to talk about. So I decided to make blogs about how amazing this series was. So despite this being my least viewed month ever. I was happy that I was able to talk about such an amazing series.


Despite being the month that I produced little to no content. My view count went for 300 to 1400. Mainly because of the great Grand Blue community. Along with the manga community that made me happy and fully happy about the overall blogging experience. I also believe that Irina from I drink and watch anime made a post about me and I had this feeling of man I made it. I was so happy that I spent multiple hours perfecting this blog to the fullest.


This is the month that I finally decided to start the longest project of my blog. Along with being the hardest thing that I ever worked on outside of college ever. The To Love Ru Project was a collection of post that made this to me the second big thing that made my blog. As I knew that this project made me a better person and a hard working person. As I remember I was reading the To Love Ru manga over and over again while taking notes until my head hurt. Then I posted the first part of 18 and TBH it was not the best compared to the later half of it. But, I started this amazing project this month along with a lot of other things.

Okay I have be =writing straight paragraphs and this blog post is only half way done. So I will probably start combining some months here. While also being a little bit shorter.

March & April

These two months was my really good and fun months. As I was talking about the Grand Blue and full devoted to the TLRP as they were the one two punch on my blog.


May is the debut of my most viewed post to this day. In the TLRP: Number 5 “Yuuki Mikan” that I have to give all of the props in the world to the To Love Ru Reddit. If it was not for them I would not have had so much fun with this series. Also this month I started to make more content beside Grand Blue and TLRP.


This month I was really stupid. As this month I decided to conclude the TLRP while also blogging daily for the whole month. I will say that that month was probably the most grueling to me.


That month I took a dip in posting. From going from 31 post to 6. I was resting this month completely while also doing college work. So I had to give the people that still view the blog in such a dry month some props for that.


August was a month that I decided that I would post whatever the hell I wanted. While also staying consistent with some series. I feel like now I am a lot more mature and blogging better. So I want to thank all of you guys that followed my blog for this year. As I head to my sophomore year I have goals to hit this year. While also surpassing my blog through this rookie year.


Man that was hella long and time consuming. But, it was fun hell of a first year of blogging. Meeting some new people and learning more about the anime industry. It has been a process and one that I really have to say is one hell of a ride. I once again thank you all for taking time from your day and enjoying my nonsense of talking. Until next time, thank you for reading a be great my A&M people. If you were wondering that is what blank meant at the end of most of my post.

4 thoughts on “Rookie Year: Thoughts On My First Year Blogging

  1. Congratulations on a successful year with the anime blogging community! I’ve only recently discovered your magnificient blog so it was nice hearing more about the origins of your blog. May another great year come to you!

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