Fire Force Is Still Amazing | Enen no Shouboutai Episodes 1 to 9 Thoughts

Aright time to talk about all of the anime that I have not this season. Starting with Fire Force, an anime that I really like in the beginning that I for some reason never really picked up after the first episode. As I stated that it was fire and I really enjoyed the series. But, I recently picked up again and boy I can’t believe that I put this episode on hold. As these episodes that I watched were just amazing. As the cast is lovable and action scenes are amazing. Also I have found another contender for best girl of the year.

OP and ED

Well let me start off with the amazing duo of the OP and ED. As when I thought that nothing can beat the unstoppable combo of Dumbell. I was proven wrong when hearing the Ending of this series. As the Ending is in my top ten all time. Along with an Opening that I had as the second best of the season to me. Fire Force already won in that department immediately to me. Making me hooked to the overall story.

8th Company

Now talking about the 8th Company that is the main focus in the first two episodes. I love the leader as he is just an amazing person. When finding out his goal in the series I was just happy for the captain. The Lieutenant of the 8th company is someone that I am really interested in for the future. As he is a cold strict guy. But, he is caring for his teammates hopefully.

Maki is a lovable character that I can’t wait to learn more about in the future. Also Iris as soon as I saw her I had her as my best girl until another came in the fray. But, I just loved her designs and her personality reminds me too much of another character that I can’t seem to think of at the moment.

I like the rivalry that Author has with Shira in the episode. I also love that he is lowkey an idiot and Shira is the smart one. It is a little bit of a twist to the average shonen and something that I can’t wait to see more of in the future.

Also Shinra is just a perfect addition to this cast of characters. So I can’t wait for the future of them and their overall narrative in the series. That is the whole cast I believe that is part of the 8th Company and I can’t wait to see the whole will be another addition to the company of the future/ cough cat girl cough the opening basically confirmed cough. Man it’s crazy that I am able to cough in my typing well moving on.


The action in this anime is just at another level. I am shocked that this series is not being praised at the demon slayer level. But, I will say that it is amazing production by David. Something that I would expect no less from the creators of Jojo’s.

Fanservice Is A Little To Much

Now to talk about the one shocking negative that I have with the series. That is the out of left field fanservice. As fanservice is an art form that when done wrong can just throw you out of the anime completely. So when Tamaki was introduced. I just accepted her as the fanservice out of nowhere character. But, i will talk about her more at the end of the series.

But, overall this anime just keeps finding a way to put these characters in some bikini. Like when Hibana who I will speak more about in a minute. Just burned off all of Irises clothes because she didn’t like them. (Even thought she kept the nun head where completely unschathed. I just thought that was unnecessary. That is sounding crazy coming from me.

Hibana Is Best Girl

Now time to talk about possibly the best girl of the season. In the lovable lowkey masochist/sadist and lovable character in Hibana. As she is someone that I I complete fell for as she confessed to Shinra. As she is someone that has a past similar to him. But, lead a darker path, then when she was literally knocked sense into her by Shinra. She found a hero that she then confessed to upon these feelings instantly.

Then, we senses with her feeding him. Making sure that he realizes that she loves him. Also her scenes with Iris post heart eyes for Shira are good fanservice moments. Unlike a neko fire fighter. Man, I want to talk more about her character. But, I will save that for the Sake Awards Best Girl edition as it just keeps heating up.

The Dark World

I didn’t realize this until episode two really. But, this despite being a shonen series. This has some traits of just being an seinen sometimes. As the dark world of anyone possibly turing into infernal monsters is insane. So I have to give props to the author for the atmosphere being as if we are in the real world.

Shinra Vs Rekka

Now this fight is one of if not the best fights of the season. As this was just masterful. I really can’t say anything more about the amazing action that David Production did in this masterpiece. As the fight between these two where so beautifully corrophography that I have to give it the nod for the most underrated of the year.

Poor Tamaki

Now I can finally talk about Tamaki as she is just has a power that rivals the great Rito from To Love Ru. As she has some ability that can rival the heavens and earth themselves. As she is the ultimate fanseveire character in the history of fanservice. Tell me how in the end of episode 9, you fall backwards and still go forward to Shinra chest in face and all. Also how the hell does Authur grab mayo and somehow grabs you. Finally HOW THE HELL DO YOU NOT REPORT A BOOB GRAB UNDER THE BIKINI.

Like there are levels to this and seriously if even one thing in the anime happen to any other anime person. The cops would come instantly or somehow beat the guy up or something. But, I forgot that she likes it. Don’t believe me let me just point out when Shinra was straight with her and asked for her number. (For a friend). She was blushing and ready to give it to him until he blurted out it was for a friend.Also I love everyone’s reaction to it.

Overall, I just feel sorry for her character because I know the author ain’t gonna stop anytime soon with this abuse and she is his number one target. So I just feel sorry for her overall.


Welp, that was a lot of writing for a lot of episodes. But, I enjoy this show that much so I am really dumbfounded on why put on hold for a minute. As it was one that I really enjoyed and one that I am looking forward two. So thanks for reading this long one. Till next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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