Sacrifices| Katana No Astra Episode 11 Review (Plus News for the Finale!)

Welp we just had one of the most emotional episodes of the season. As we basically had one of the biggest info dumps of the summer season. As this episode that had the feels, it had the info. It gave us the backstory of Charce and Aries. Also we have some good news about the finale of the Kanata No Astra. So let’s talk about Kanata No Astra episode 11 called “Confession”.

Charce Mentality

Charce was raised from when he was a child to be the vessel of the King. So he was beaten into his head constantly that he is a mere vessel and nothing else. But, it is crazy that Charce as a child was already prepared for death and prepared to die immediately. Also fuck the king. He was an asshole that raised Charce to be the killer that he is today.

Aries Original, Princess Seira

We also find out about Aries original being Seira which is kinda crazy. As she was a good person and a princess. Also technically Charce’s daughter that cared for Charce but, was assassinated. Similar to the story that he told earlier. However, Charce was blamed for it. To then be put in a cell with nothing but a small window in the corner. Kept alive with no contact with people until his body was taken over by the King. Man, I really feel for him now. I really didn’t want to feel for him because he was a person that was really given a shitty life as a clone.

RIP Aries’s Sanity

Also, I just want to say that Aries just learned that most of her life was a lie. To then see the man that she loves get his arm chopped off by her genetic father. So that was a little bit traumatic for her. Also she learned that her mother was not her mother in the slightest. So I say that she might be the least okay out of everyone in the group. But, I am happy that her mother cared for her unlike most others.

Not One But Two Spheres

The group still doesn’t see Charce as the enemy. Saying that people can change. It was amazing that even Yuu-na and Ulgur where the one that stood out the most. As thing back on it they really developed the most in this journey. So I am amazed of how much that they have really grown.

But, then we get some bad news. That Charce had a spare Orb. In his right compartment. Which when I saw that I am like oh shit. Here we go again. But, this time Charce was only aiming for one person. That being himself. So Kanata being the man that he was ran straight for Charce. Luckily he got his gravity shoes fixed a couple episodes earlier. So I have to give props for the anime adding little tidbits in the fun parts. That would be extremely important in the grand skeem.

Kanata’s Sacrifice

So Kanata saves Charce from suicide. But, this man still has the orb coming and takes Kanata’s right arm. As it is taking it, Charce stops it as he cannot kill his friend. Which I have to give props to the writer that this series is one that actually made the main character lose something for being reckless. So I have to give props for that. I then like despite losing his right arm Kanata said that Charce will now and forever be his. To then see both of them walk back to the ship.

Also on a side note in the ending and there was this picture. The person who created that was lowkey fucked up. That was a little bit of dark humor with Charce gripping on Kanata’s arm. So I just wanted to point that out as I hope I was not the only person that thought that.

The Final Episode

Welp good news for the final episode. As I heard that it is supposed to be an hour long including commercials. So I would have to say maybe the same length as the 1st episode. So I can’t wait for the hour long conclusion.


Speaking of conclusions this was one of the best episodes of the series. As so much was revealed and now with everyone united, Everything internally resolved, food and water filled, it is time to head home. To face the world that rejected them, the world that is corrupted, the world that sent them to die. So until the finale, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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