Top 5 EDs of the Summer | 2019 Summer SAKE Awards Part 2

Time to talk about the top EDS of the season. To me there were some sleepers and some that I was just lost in. But, overall this was just an amazing season for the Openings and EDs this season to me. As these 5 are one that I really jammed to over and over again.

Honorable Mention

But, first I wanted to show some love to the endings of Vinland Saga, Tenjina-Senpai, and Daughter Anime( because it is too long to write that title). As they all had amazing endings that I love to enjoy at the end of the episode.  

5.Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo “Yume Cinderella” by Momo Asakura

This to me is just one of the chill animations with all of the girls and some guys on the umbrellas. Along with that is just an amazing singing by Momo. 

4. Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru “Macho a Name”  by Machio

I really was planning to put this at number one for the longest. But, I believe that there are three more ending songs that are far superior to the ending of this amazing anime. This has amazing visuals and some more rapping in this amazing ending. Along with all of them is the chibi versions of everyone which is just amazing.

3. Kanata no Astra “Glow at the Velocity of Light” by Riko Azuna

Now this ending is just amazing. Along with showing flashes of all the fun that they had in the manga. That they didn’t get to show in the anime. This is just an amazing ending with the some of the best music in the series. As the singer Riko killed it in this ending.

2. Dr. STONE “LIFE” by Rude-α

This ending was ending of the year for me in many retrospectives. As the Opening just made this Anime amazing and all in its own right. As the guitar from the beginning made this opening amazing already. But, then when the vocals hit it was just at another level.

1. Fire Force “veil” by Keina Suda 

This ED is the best ending song I have heard all year and to me really nothing comes close to it. This to me give Fire Force the strongest ED and OP combo of the season. Possibly the Year. As they both are just bangers to me. As this ending just had the best music among all endings and possible the best among the openings. Also the visuals is still amazing as well. As this one deserved and won the SAKE Award for Best ED.


Well that was part two of the SAKE Awards. As this is just an amazing group of music to the summer season. But, I can’t wait for the next topic next time. Being the best cast of characters. As to me their is only one group that I would put so high. Mainly due to their chemistry in their anime. But, I will wait to talk about them another time. 

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