One Hour of GREATNESS | Kanata No Astra Final Review

Alright I already know that this is gonna be a long one, hell it might be the longest post in my blog’s history. So enough of this filler and time to talk about the amazing conclusion to this series. As this final episode had the feels, it concluded everything perfectly, and it was just an amazing hour long final. So let’s talk about the final episode of Kanata No Astra called “Friendship”.


I knew that after all that happened last episode that the group would feel a little bit distance towards Charce. But, then Kanata came in one arm on no pain killers to remind everyone who is friends. While being near death. But, I was happy when Charce finally accepted his friends and wanted to go home with all of them.


After Kanata was a little better and the crew gather all of the necessary food from their final planet. We learn the history of the world. Which was government oppression to the point where they reverted time 100 years to then have the newer generation learn a new history and all. It was a peaceful world with no more war as there was no religion, weapons, and everyone was unified under one language. Which shows the winner of war can determine history.


Now with the knowledge of the world. All of the questions answered. All there was left was what will the government of Astra do. Will they kill the students and erase the clones or will they accept them back home. As the 5 ships approach them I was fully ready for a space battle. But, when we got the King and the killer of Seria under arrest. So I knew that they were home safe. As they now are finally back home.


As they finally made it home. They had interviews galore. But, it was kinda funny how Kanata casually says that he got his arm blown off. But, they reveal the history of Earth to Astra and basically told their story to the world. Kanata even wrote a book off their adventures. Along with making a huge profit off such an amazing story.

Time Skip

Okay finally to the time skip. Boy a lot happened in the story. As this anime just kept on making this story more and more interesting. As Ulgar met with his clone to finally have closure with his brother. Meeting his father that loved his older brother. But, he got in to deep. So he had to do what he had to do. Ulgar leaves with a new design to his beanie. Interesting…..


First off, it might just be me. But, hearing Funi’s voice come out of Quitteries face really weirded me out for a second. But, we get an older version of Funi as she is still in high school. Along with the 142 year beauty of Polina. As she became a teacher at her school. Which I really liked personally. They Ulgar came to pick her up and Funi gets a little bit jealous? Interesting……..


We get an older version of Quitterie as she is a supermodel. Along with being the wife of my boy Zack (My boy Zack put a ring on it, I am not tearing up right now). Along with them just having some fun casual conversations about life include Luca causaling saying that Ulgar was at Luca’s house last night. Then change the subject after nobody really reacted until Luca started to talk about something else. Interesting…….

Kanata X Aries Ship Sailed

Well it is confirmed and official. As Kanata got on one knee and proposed to Charce? Nani? Oh her proposal to Charce for his blessing to propose to Aries. Due to Charce being Aries technical father. Well now that they are engage Aries hopes that she has has a girl. So she can name her after Seria. So I am happy for them overall. As they all head over to Yuh-na concert as she is an amazing singer.

Ulgar I Got Some Questions

Okay I have been saying interesting for a good moment. But, I am really curious who Ulgar is with if he is with anybody at all. Like for example, he has Funi’s hair piece in his beanie now. Then we get a scene where she is jealous when he is in the car with Polina. So I was thinking that by some odd way that Ulgur was gonna end up with Funi. Then Luca randomly through in that Ulgur stayed over at his/her place. So I start thinking about something else. So out of all the questions that I will have in this whole entire anime is who did he end up with. There is evidence that he cares for both deeply. But, I just wish that we got some clarification on that.


We get to hear some amazing singing by Yun-hua who is still looking as amazing as ever. As she was one of the most developed characters in the series. With her singing we then go to the Astra ship. That was a 100 year old relec. But, I have to give props to Zack and Kanata by putting in all of that book money on the ship.


We then end with Charce, Kanata, and Zack going on the space ship for another adventure. Also on a side note, Charce is a King, SuperModel and Astronaut. We then get an ending credits with the opening song and them going in the portal. Giving this story a proper conclusion with all loose end (Except Ulgar’s love). In a short complete story.

The Staff

I have to give the anime staff props because this could have easily been 2 seasons or a 2 cour season. But, Lerche made this a 12 episode complete story with amazing action. Along with an amazing soundtrack. I love this series and theorising crazy about it. As I was happy that I watched a complete story that is really rare in anime period.


This is just an amazing ride that I really enjoy. This anime is one that I will say is a contender for the season. Along with winning a couple of SAKE Awards that will be revealed soon. But, overall thank you all the people that read all my reviews and heard out all of my crazy theories. So until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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