Freya Is Best Girl | Danmachi II Episode 1 to 10 Thoughts

Now that I binged Danmachi, I can say that I have finally caught up to all the anime that I was watching this season. Boy this anime is underrated as hell. I know that it is crazy to call an anime that was really hyped up this season to be underrated. But, I have to give props to the anime staff and writers. As I remember not really caring for the Gods and Goddess in season one. But, this season made me really invested in the story and lore of this series. Now I plan on talking about each arc so far with character discussions. So this is gonna be a little bit of a long one.

First Arc (Apollo)

Now this arc was just funny and entertaining as hell. As when I saw Apollo for the first time I was just in utter laughter on how sadistic this man was for some Bell. As this arc made really enjoy the comedy and action in this series. Along with them getting a glow up in their home.

Side Quest (Soma)

Also I like the character of Soma in this arc. As he was someone that has given up on his familia. To just be in his room and his familia are basically brain dead zombies for your wine. I kinda feel for Soma because he really has no real friends. As they are all just thirsty people for his wine. So I was happy that someone finally resited it.

Battle (Apollo)

Now the Trojan horse battle was really entertaining. Along with the hidden element of Greek mythology hidden in his famillia. As the girl that kept telling everyone what was gonna happen. But, nobody listens to her was based off a real story in Greek Mythology. So I just love the tidbits that were hidden in the story. Along with just having fun seeing a group of 5 take down a whole army like it was nothing.

Second Arc (Ishtar)

TO me this arc was a very good developmental arc for Bell. As he finally is becoming a better hero than he already was. As he learned to protect everyone no matter what their past or their state of mind. So I really liked that. But, one thing I didn’t like was that orge and her sex dungeon or whatever the hell that was.

Ottar is a real one this episode. I remember him being one of the highest levels if not the highest level in the kingdom. So I have to give props for him just being a savage in this arc. As he is someone always on Freya’s side and quiet for the most part. Except when you make any bad remarks towards his goddess. So when he one shot that ogre I was just happy overall.

Also the end when the best girl of the series. Walked up and just charmed everyone just slowly walking to Ishtar. It was just savage as hell. Not only did you walk into another person’s land. But, you just destroyed a whole famillia like it was nothing. Charm her whole famillia like it was nothing. To then slap a girl straight to heaven. I am sorry Hestia but, after this arc I was wavering but, I have to give the crown to Freya.

Freya Is Best Girl

Now, Freya in the first season is someone that I thought was an okay character. Until I rewatched parts of Danmachi and realize that she is just Hisoka, but a female and more crazy. But, she is someone who is building up the love of her life to greatness. To one day be with him. But, she doesn’t want to take him now because he is not ready yet.

But man when you fuck with her man she will straight up destroy your lands and kill your whole familia. Also, I thought it was cute when she said I love you to bell. As he couldn’t hear it, but she was just pleased that he is still becoming the ultimate man to her. Also she thinks about him on a nightly basis so I hope that Bell at least goes on a day with her.

Hermes, My Favorite Character

Hermes is just a fun and interesting character to me. As he is someone that is supposed to be unbiased. But, really is when it comes to Bell. As he knew his father and probably knows all about Bell’s origins. So he helps Bell anytime that he can. Also I love that he tries to make things very interesting as he was the main catalyst for most of the second arc. Also he is probably one of the greatest wing men in history. (pun intended)


Bell is an interesting character to me. As each chapter he develops more and more. As the story gets more and more interesting. I can’t wait for more of his development to become one day stronger than Aiz. So I can’t wait for his journey in the last two episodes. Along with the future episodes of his story.


Welp I think that I said all that I needed to say about this series. As I will say that I loved it. I love when stories take a step back from the main cast and build the world and the background characters. As in season one I really didn’t care about anything except for Bell, Aiz, and Hestia. But, this season I am in love with all of the characters and the world and lore of this amazing series. So thank you Danmachi, a series that I never thought I would pick up again but, I somehow found a way to love. With that, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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