Characters| 2019 Summer SAKE Awards: Part 3

Alright time to get back to million part award show. As this part I am giving out 13 awards this time. As this season had so many amazing characters that I wish I could give all of them awards. But, someone had to win so time to get into the most bais award show on the planet. As I talk about some of the best groups, friends, and rivals. Also their will be two awards that I will not be having on this portion as they have way too many nominees. So the awards for best overall character, best cast, and waifu of the season will come a little bit later.

Best Group | Katana No Astra Space Crew B5

This award goes to the best group, family, or faction of characters in a series.

Theses Group of characters have been throught so much this whole season that I can’t believe the bond that they have. As they togther through their bonds have made they were a family thick and throught that love and care for one another. They were dffinetly the best bond in the series.

Runner Up: Dumbell Gym, these crazy cast of characters have had so much fun togther that it made the series for me.

Best Supporting |Thorkell (Vinland Saga)

Best supporting character of the season.

This man is crazy and a very kanpachi like character that I have nothing but, respect for. As this seeing in intorduction into the anime I just have to give props to the whole Wit Studio for this anime.

Runner Up | Machio (Dumbbell): I will talk about hime a little more in a minute. Just know that he is amazing.

Best Bro | Machio (Dumbbell)

Best bro of the season.

This man is the definition of a bro. As he is just chilling taking care of all of his tranees. He is just an amazing overall character that is just a bro dude.

Hermes Well You can say that he is the best wing man.

Best Sis | Quitterie (Kanata No Astra)

Best big sister of the season.

There was no one taking this award from Quitterie. As she just made this anime amazing to me. She is someone that cares for her sister so much. While playing a motherly figure that I have to give props to the whole anime.

Runner Up | Ylva (Vinland Saga): She is a person that refuses to show it. But, she deeply loves her family and cares for them. I can’t say more but, she is deserving of this spot.

ZS Award | Zoid and Hibiki (Dumbbell)

The Zoro and Sanji rivalry award

To me their rivalry is a little bit leaning more on Zoid. But, they are rivals technically so I give them the award.

Must Protect Award | Suika (Dr.Stone)

Kagura levels of smile protection

I am sorry Latina, but this award must go to the best daughter of the year (after Nezuko) in Sukia. She is an amazing character that you can do nothing but, love.

Runner Up | Latina (Uchi no Ko no Tame naraba): She is perfect, caring, and just an amazing daughter. But, Sukia gets the award because this is bais.

GonKillua Award | Hibiki & Akemi (Dumbbell)

The best of friends similar to the greatest friendship in anime history.

I believ that the friendship that these two make through lifting are amazing. As they basically know everything about one another. While Akemi helps push Hibiki to be better. Hibiki motivates Akemi because of her talents. Also they are just two highschool girls that are good people.

Best Couple| Izumi & Kazusa (Araburu)

Best couple of the season.

Runner Up | Zack and Quitterie , Kanata and Aries (Kanata No Astra): Both of these couples are just perfect together. As they together on the journey made such an amazing connection. That it was just adorable to see their reactions later.

My Best Ship | Freya X Bell (Danmachi II)

My personal ship of the season and yes that is an award.

This is my best ship that I am in complete belief will happen. Like all the signs are leading to them being together in the end. I am not crazy I swear.

Runner Up | Shinra X Hinbana (Fire Force): Also I love their relationship and I hope that it develops more please.

Worst Character| Hisashi AKA Pedo Jobs (Araburu)

This character should never exist EVER.

I really fucking fell really uncomfortables as hell every time he is on screen. I just wish his character was never in the show period. Like we could have survived without him in the show. He was really unnessary in this whole series.

Best Antagonist | Askeladd (Vinland Saga)

Best written antagonist in the story.

I would be giving this man disrepect if I were to even think of a runner up. As this man is litteary to me top 3 antagonit all time. As in the first half of Vinland you see leaks of his personality but just you wait.

Best Main | Senkuu (Dr.Stone)

Best main protagonist of the series.

It was really hard between the four canidadtes of the mains. But, I have to give it to Senkuu because of the stuff that he has done in this story. Slowly rebuling the world from sracth.

Runner Up | Kanata (Kanta No Astra): Amazing and a great leader overall. But, I will save him for the best character.

Runner Up | Hibiki (Dumbbell): She is someone that I have nothing but praises for. As in this series she just made it overall amaizng.

Runner Up | Thorfinn (Vinland Saga): This man is a character that I will say is amazing and a masterpiece of a character. THat you guy wont learn until later for the anime onlys.

Historia Award | Momoko (Araburu)

The best developed character of the season. Similar to my Queen Historia.

For the final award of the night. I give the Historia award to one of the best girls of the season. As she is literally the Historia of Araburu, being Momoko. As she starts of in the background to then be one of the best characters in the show. She to me had the best development this season and it was close but I gave it to her. She was a underdog from the beggining. But, she became the star of the night.

Runner Up | Ulgar (Kanata No Astra): This man went from emo to still emo but one with friends. As his character is one that has such amazing development in the series. That I have to give props.


Alright I got a huge chuck of the awards handed out tonight so thank you for reading this long post. Also I just want to thank you for spending your night at the most bias award show. So until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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