IT FIT!!!| Araburu: O Maidens in Your Savage Season Overall Thoughts

This anime was one that I thought was going to be incomplete but, as I saw that the manga was not complete on my anime list. But sadly after doing some binge reading and research on the series after the anime. I found out that the manga is not even caught up with the anime. So the ending that we got in the anime is the conclusion to the girls savage season. Which made me really sad but I was okay as the ending gave me a good story. So I just wanted to talk about my overall thoughts in this anime that I once claim to be the best anime of the season.

The Story

This story is one that I have to give props to the staff. As they made this story really realistic with the characters. The timing of this story and the love that was put into this anime made me care about it deeply. As the emotions, the betrayal, friendships, and the feeling of going through puberty made this anime an amazing ride. As the girls and the guys too made me have so much fun in this series.


Rika was a person that I have to say grew a lot in this anime. As she went from someone that had no friends and hated lewd actions. To then become friends with Juujo a girl that she never thought she would be friends with. Then finding a boyfriend that loves her for her. Along with her glow up this anime she is one of my favorite characters in the show.

Hitoha & Milo

Now their relationship throughout this whole season was just masterfully done. As the teacher actually respected the rules. While also not being interest in his students. But, he is actually interested in another teacher. But, man their relationship throughout the whole series. It to me is a perfect duo to me in this anime. I also love how much she has grown in this series.


This character to me is up and down all the time. Like all those episodes with Pedo Jobs made me hella uncomfortable. Then with her love for Izumi that in the beginning I thought was false. But, it actually became something of a sexual attraction towards him. I thought that it was done amazingly. Really making her character a real person in some respect. So I feel like she is still a girl with lots to learn. I just hope that she never goes to that pedo ever again.


Kazusa is a girl that I am just happy that she got her man. She made sure that it fit. Then being one of the most mature and immature characters in the series. She is someone that I really loved and cared for. As she was the main person to me that made this show for me. As she was the glue that made this a beautiful story.


Trust in a moment I will talk about the conclusion in depth. But, one thing I wish that Izumi would not say the truth out loud sometimes. Like the way that he said he loved Kazusa was beautiful. (Also on a side note this man was loyal as fuck throught the show so Kazusa has a real one with her.) But, when he said that he likes Niina sexually I just facepalm like you don’t say that. Even though in the end he did make it fit. So I have to give his character props.


Now this girl right here is my GOAT. As she went through one of the greatest character developments in the summer season. As she went from the farthest in the background of the five girls. To becoming my favorite character in the whole show. Hell one of my favorite characters in the whole season. She is a person that realize that she loved the oppisite sex and Niina to be specific. Then upon realizing those feelings she became the GOAT. Like I really can’t put into words her realism and just plain amazing writing put into her character. Made she is one of the many gems in this series.

Also I was happy for my girl when she got to snuggle up to Niina. It just made me happy overall seeing her happy.

Episode 11 & 12

I have been alluding to this and the ending of the series. I just have to say that this story is just amazing. So I am sorry to all the people that love this series deeply. But, episode eleven and twelve drop this series from a 9 to a 7 in my books. As this series was one that throughout the realism in these final two episodes.

Like when I see Milo Sensei in a fucking rope being held by Hotoha. I was just throwing out the whole story. But, the ending still made me love the series enough to not hate the series. I just turned my brain in the last two episodes because I did love this series.

It Fit

Well they did it. It finally happen as these two characters are just perfect together in the end. As we go on a train we her Kazusa says that it fit while holding hands with Izumi. Who the two at the end of the day are just the perfect couple at the end of the day. I still loved this amazing story about a group of girls that know nothingnabout having sex. To Kazusa and Izumi putting the train in the tunnel.


This was an amazing series that I am sad to see the end. But, it was an amazing ride that I have to give props to the whole staff. It might not be my favorite anime of the season anymore. But, it was still an amazing anime that I loved with all of my heart. As the girls in the show are just at another level. So I hope the best for them and their life moving forward. Until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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