I Need to Read More Manwha | Tower of God Season One Thoughts

I will start this post with a spoiler free section in the beginning and then go deep into season one spoilers in the second half.

Back to Back days with manga post. As recently I have read some amazing series back to back and this manwha that was hyped up to the max made me really upset. As this story and the action of this is just at another level.The color style and the way that you just scroll down makes the reading so much fun. The overall narrative is beautiful. Then at the end of season one or part one ended so amazingly that I had to talk about it. So where the hell do I even start.

The Plot

Well the plot of the story is one that if I had to explain in general is that the main protagonist Bam is going on a journey to the top of the tower that is the pinnacle of the world. As once you reach the top anything that you desire, whether it be money, power, glory, or anything else. It will be given to you. This manga gives me so many hunter hunter and One Piece vibes. But, the best part about it is that is nothing like either of those series. So I was so lost in the world that I have to say that I am mad at myself for taking so long to pick up this amazing series.

The Characters

THe characters in this story are all amazing. As they all have their reasons to go to the top of the tower. While we also have characters that have already gone to the top of the tower. It makes me even more interested in their philosophy even when we get deeper into their physy.


My favorite genre in fiction now is politics. As I can’t help myself when it comes to politics in a series. I love the battle between factions, who will win the throne, and just the overall political aspect in stories. This one was one that I have nothing but praises for the story introduced hints of that in the first season.



Now I will say one thing and that is Rachel is one of the most interesting characters I have seen in a minute. As her character is written to be completely hated as she betrayed Bam at the finale. But, the way I see it is that she wanted to be the star or the main protagonist of the story and not a side character. But, she was not chosen but, the man that she raised became the main. Now I will say that her ideals are idiotic. As I thought her goal was to reach the top. But, she wanted to reach the top as the star. So I am really curious on where her character goes.

The First Floor Arc

It is crazy that this huge and vast world was only the first floor. Which is crazy to think what the next levels and how long it will take to get their. I am so interested in how crazy some of these floors will get in the future.


The characters and their chemistry in this series are amazing. Like how the cold hearted and once isolated Endorsi opened her heart up to Bam. To then have grow feelings for him was masterfully done. Her backstory was dark and represents her character. Then her rivalry with Anaak is amazing. Also Anaak is also amazing, like her relationship with Shibisu is fucking amazing, and I hope that they stay together through the tower.

Khun and Rak are bros that are good characters that I am so happy for. As Khun just gives me Killa vibes and that is scary to say. Man I have only been talking about the people just going through the tower. I haven’t even mentioned the rankers. Like the chainman Yu Han Sung is one of my favorite characters in the whole series. Then you have the Lero-Ro the man that is someone that I can’t wait to see in the future. Along with the redhead guy who was just OD as hell. This cast has a lot more and I can’t wait to get more into them in the future.


I am so curious to what Bam does in the future. What will he do when he meets Rachel again. Will he meet Yuri on the 76th floor. What is the future with him. I love his character and I can’t wait for the future with him.


Well that is my general thoughts on this amazing manwha. Making me realize that I have to read more manwhas in the future. Cause if they are anything like this then we are in for a show. But until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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