Another Top 10 Monogatari Franchise Openings

Now I really had fun with the previous Top 10 Monogatari Openings and I actually have been listening to all of them on repeat and I just had to talk about the rest. So this is technically a 20 to 11 list but, I will be ranking it 10 to 1. The ones that you didn’t see on this list will most likely be on the previous as this franchise has just to many amazing openings that I just wanted to talk about. So let’s talk about another set of amazing monogatari opening in this one.

Honorable mention Quick Round:

Now I wanted to talk about all of the Monogatari Franchise Openings. So I included the last 4 as a quick round mainly because every monogatari Opening is amazing and all no matter what rank is one that I have listened to countless times.

07734 | Koyomi Reverse : This one is a cool reverse beat. This one is one that I can say is just cool. As this one is cool with the reverse beat and the visuals are cool.

Futakotome | Karen Bee: This one is just another one of the amazing vocals of Hatagi’s voice actor. But, to me this is a discount Staple Staple.

white lies | Shinobu Time: This one is just dark. One that has the art similar to the endings of the monogatari series. Also showing the darkness when it comes to Shinobu.

Mein schatz | Shinobu Mail: The beat alone almost put it in the top twenty. As this one just had the opera and the vibe was just iri the whole time. As Shinobu has some of the most unique openings of all time.

10) Staple Staple | Hitagi Crab

Now this one might get me a little bit of heat. As this one is basically putting staple staple at 20. While some people have this at number one. I really do like this opening and the real life visuals are a nice way to get a person into the series. But, when I got in further in the series I just kept seeing opening that were out of the world. Let alone that this is an amazing opening that hooked me into this amazing series.

9) Orange Mint | Yotsugi Doll

This one is just amazing with Tsuki just having fun breaking the fourth wall in her opening. This openings one that I can just chill two. As she is just that fun girl of the series.

8) Kaerimichi | Mayoi Snail

I remember first listing to this opeing and saying what the fuck is this? To then have this opening has become one of my favorite of all time. As Hajikuji is just a fun character that brings the fun in all of her openings.

7) Platinum Disco | Tsukihi Phoenix

All I have to say is Tsukihi dancing. If you don’t know about her dancing, then look at her in the video above. As she made this opening a hit and one that I have to bring to the party. So overall this is just a fun time in this series. Also visuals are A1, Tsukishi singing and dancing are just amazing and this opening is just amazing.

6) Fast Love / Kogarashi Sentiment | Hitagi End

These two openings are basically the same. But, in Kogarashi Sentiment you get to hear the amazing voice Kanki. So you can’t really go wrong with this opening. But, I will say that this is an amazing opening that I have to complement with the amazing symbolism. Along with the distorted fantasy and reality witn Kanki and Senjougahara.

5) Dreamy Date Drive | Hitagi Rendezvous

This one is one of the most peaceful openings in the franchise. As you get to go one a date with Senjougahara and just have her amazing singing with her. This one is one for the books as she is just an amazing girlfriend that I would kill for. Man Monogatari has some of the most amazing females in anime history.

4) Chocolate insomnia | Tsubasa Tiger

Now this one is just a near masterpiece. As this one has my girl Hanekawa in a better brighter place. Compared to her two previous openings that were her in a darker place. Just seeing her happy, having fun, and finally in a better place made this opening worth the amazing journey that she took us.

3) The last day of my adolescence | Suruga Devil

Now this one is just an amazing story that I have to give props to. Showing the story with Kanburu and her friend. Showing the love that they had for one another. Then the fight that they had in a screamo fashion. Right after their kiss was just amazing. Man, if only in another instance they could have been dating now. This one just tells an amazing story that I have to say is just greatness.

2) Terminal Terminal | Mayoi Hell

Now this one is one that should have been in the top ten. As I listen to this on repeat and man. THis one is fucking amazing. As Hajikuji awaits Araragi in hell. She is still with a smile on her face. Along with her being a little more cute because of her admitting her feelings for him. Man Hajikuji is just an amazing person that she will get her own profile one of these days.

1) Yuudachi Houteishiki | Sorachi Lost

Now you guys might be wondering if I did it on purpose to put Sorachi Number One twice. But, if I had given this a couple more listens beforehand. This would have been competing for a top 5 spot. As this is one of the most underrated openings in the whole Monogatari franchise. This one has the best vocalist out of all girls to me. This one has the amazing symbolism if you watch the Sorachi Lost arc and this is just an amazing story. So I have to give this the top spot as it is now number 11.


Man I love the Monogatari Franchise. As I was going over each opening. I started remembering the greatness of this franchise. Along with the greatness of each and every character that has an important role in the series. So I have to give props to the overall amazing series that I have a lot to talk about. So until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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