My Top 30 Anime List (2019 Edition) Part One

Now that is hitting near the end of the year it is time to make the big four list. That being the top Manga, Top Characters, Top Waifus, and what we will be discussing today. That being my top 30 Anime as of 2019. The rules that I set for myself is that if an anime has multiple spin offs or more than one studio. I will still count the overall anime as one. So there won’t be a list filled with the monogatari franchise. But, sadly that means putting both seasons of One Punch Man together. I also have not seen every anime in the world so deep apologies for that.

When you realize I never watch FMA.

That also means that I have an opinion and trust me when I say that this list is very different. I also will not include anime that is currently airing like Vinland Saga. So those are my limits for this so let’s talk about my top 30 anime of all time part one.

30) Nanatsu no Taizai

This series is just beautiful and has amazing ideals and tragic backstories for all of the characters. Whether that is being the being the rage of Melodies. Or the greatness of the love between Ban and Elaine. The only reason that I have it so low is because of my lack of watching season two.

29) Toradora!

This is a beautiful story that I cannot say anything but praises for. I love Taiga and her story. All of the characters are fun and interesting. The love story is beautiful and adorable. I just love the relationship between Taiga and Ryuuji as they are a married couple before they even know it.

28) Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

This is a classic harem story. As Yamada is one of my favorite characters of all time. Along with his girl Urara that he is loyal to deeply. Also Urara is one of the most high tier waifus in anime history. The world of witches and romance make this story so fun and entertaining.

27) Naruto

This is a nostalgic anime that everyone should know about. I can talk about the Chunin Exam Arc with Rock Lee versus Gaara. As when he drops the weights and mad such an explosion. I was so hyped when I was younger. This anime might have filler for days but, it is still and enjoyable story.

26) SSSS.Gridman

The main villain of this series is written masterfully. Along with the amazing mecha fights and deep as fuck characters. Also, I have to say that people that have not watched this is doing themselves a disservice to themselves. Also, I am a person that does not even watch mecha anime that much.

25) Bleach

This is a series of the big three that I followed the most until it ended. As the soul society arc is still one of the greatest arcs in anime history. Along with one of the greatest plot twists in anime history. This is the story of soul reapers and more and this is just a classic series.

24) Cells At Work

Now this series is one that has me no flaws. As when I was ranking this I was really thinking what is bad about this series. Then I was really thinking hard. But, I could not think anything ill will with this amazing series. As it is educational and just a good chill series.

23) Death Note

The story of Death Note is actually an anime that I feel like every anime fan has seen. But, never forgot the amazing i’m L line. As that was just fire and overall insanity. Then the amazing potato chip scene made this anime even more amazing.

22) Lupin the Third Franchise

The Lupin Franchise is one that I am slowly getting into. But, every time that I watch it all I see is greatness. As Lupin is an amazing character and Fujiko is a dime. The worlds of thieves is one that I wish was explored a lot more in anime.

21) One Punch Man

Now this anime is one that was really hard to scale overall. As season one is one that I thought is a masterpiece. Then season two was an anime that I dropped. Despite that this story is so well written that it deserves a nod.

20) To LOVE-Ru Franchise

This is a nostalgic anime that I am in love with. The characters in this series are fun and enjoyable. The character of Yami is so well written and the later seasons are just done beautifully.

19) Kuroko no Basket

Now this was so hyped when I was watching it. I remember just binging episodes. Along with the hype of the team. Kuroko is one of my favorite characters of all time. The team are an amazing group of brothers. Then the animation in this series is one another level in that final episode.

18) Overlord

This series was one that had such an original concept. Despite being an isekai this one had a vast amount of characters that all are just interesting to find out about. But, the one flaw about the series is that vastness of characters in 3 seasons. But, still overall this anime has amazing lore. Ainz is such a fun character. Sebas is the goat and that is all.

17) KonoSuba

This series is one of the best comedies. That I have watched in a while. Darkness is an insane masochist and I love it. Megumin is just hilarious and a legendary meme character. Kazuma is one of the most asshole characters in anime. Then there’s Aqua, who is to me then best girl.

16) Katanagatari

This story is beautiful. The dialogue between the characters, the story that this anime tells is beautiful. Every character is written godly. This series is one that I can’t put into words sometimes. As it is to me an amazing story. One that I plan on reading again in the future. As this was just amazing writing by a fellow that I will talk about in the next list.


Well that was the first 15 of my anime. As that cover some series that I never even thought I would talk about again. Like I was looking through my top anime list and saw Toradora I was so shocked that I forgot about that series. As I remember that was one of the first romance anime that I ever watched. I can’t wait to talk about my top 15 in the next post coming tomorrow most likely. But this is my top anime of the year of 2019. Until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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