A Masterpiece Two Episode Arc | Gintama Episodes 86 & 87 Talk

I realize that I don’t talk about Gintama that much on this blog. Even though it is my favorite anime of all time. As it is the only series to make me feel depressed then laughing my ass off in the same episode. But, then I started to rewatch the masterpiece of this anime again. I realize how little two episode arcs can have so much of an impact on me that I have to talk about them again. As these two episodes that surround Suogo’s sister. Made me feel so much and the ending of this are just amazing.


This episode only had Gintoki in the whole crew. But, when he was in this story he was written in it perfectly. Giving us little tidbits of comedy with the addition to the real life aspect. As he knows how everyone feels in this arc. So he stays by everyone’s side giving them as much support as he can in this story. Even though he was just in the background not giving much words in the whole arc. You can still feel his impact in this story.

Sougo’s Sister

Mitsuba is such a beautifully tragic character. That this anime made me stop for a whole week before rewatching it again. As she was a character that was here to die. Not here to be saved by some magical anime healing. Not to be here to die and come back in later arcs. She came in to complete her story and give us more about Sougo’s and Hijikata’s story.

Hijikata’s Sacrifice

Man this man sacrifice the love of his life so she can be happy. But, at the end of the day he could not even be close to her during her dying breath. This man wanted to make her happy, but he didn’t want to give her husband that is always at the risk of dying. So he ignored her love, but he did love her with all of his soul. I just felt sad when he said that the spicy chips made him cry. But, we all know what he was doing.

This Arc

This arc is a masterpiece to me and everytime I see it I really am at a loss. As when I see this episode it was a sad beautiful story that makes me love this series so much. There’s so much more that I want to talk about this arc. Like the leader of Kando punching sense in to Sougo. Then Yamazaki and his random afro this arc. I could be here for days but, I will just say that this arc is a masterpiece and this series is a masterpiece. Thank you.


Arc’s like this make me appreciate the greatness of this series a lot more than I previously had. But, at the end of the day this anime is a masterpiece. And really nothing can come close to it as it is just the definiton go greatness. So Until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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