Season 2 When? | Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? Season 1 Thoughts

I was itching to talk about this series for a minute. As this one was the anime that I loved to watch on wednesdays and get a get a good workout. The characters in this series are amazing. Machio is the best bro of the season. This is also educational and the love that I have for this series is so amazing. I just wanted to talk about this amazing anime and the amazing characters that came with this anime. So let’s talk about an anime that I have to say is a contender for anime of the season Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

The Series In General

For the people that have not seen this anime it is about a girl named Hibiki. As she is on a journey to find a boyfriend. But, she can’t because she is a little bit overweight. So she joined the manliest gym in the world. Making a lot of friends on the way. While in this series they learn exercises and many ways to diet. This is an amine where you can just chill and have fun watching all of these best girls try to lose weight for their dieting. So I just love this series for being educational and overall fun.


Before I get into the characters of this anime I just wanted to say that the opening and ending of this anime are just amazing. Especially the opening with Hibiki’s voice actor rapping was just amazing.


The characters in this anime is on another level. As they are not really deep or anything. But, they just have amazing chemistry between one another. As they just play off one another

Tachibana Sensei

I like Tachibana because she is a secret cosplayer. But, because she is gaining a little bit. She goes to a gym and finds her students. She is one that is similar to Hibiki as she is not as athletic as the other girls. But, her in the anime is fun. Especially when she is in her cosplay. She is one of the more interesting characters in her cosplay form.


Ayaka is a character that I really didn’t think about that much. Maybe because of her arcitype. Or something about her character that was just overall in the background. As she was the one that I want to learn more about her character and her boxing family. She is one that seems like she can legit have her own boxing anime with her sister. So I like her character because of that.

Zina Void

Now Zina is amazing. From her introduction, to her just casually living in Hibiki’s house for the rest of the season. I have to give props for her character. As she is one that is just a funny rival/troll character in the series.


Akemi to me is really fucking perfect to me. As I wish I could be her friend in the series so I can get those Machio gains. She is someone that I just can’t wait for in the future as she is just an amazing friend to have and motivate you. She is a gem in this anime, and a person that is an amazing friend.


First off I will say that she is in the top three for best girl of the season. Possibly even the SAKE Award Winner. But about her character. I am the one that just loves her character as she is a person that just wants to look sexy for a boyfriend. But, in the end has amazing potential to be in the greatest boxing anime. She loves eating and is a very good friend. Also I would not have anyone as the main character as she just make this anime and makes this series for me. Also tell me your didn’t have the biggest smile on your face because of the final scene with her losing weight.


Now finally time to talk about our lord and savoir. Machio-sama the most amazing character in this amazing series. As he was just amazing and just a fun guy. He would break the fourth wall and just teach you the lesson of fitness. But, one thing that I wish we saw a little more was serious Machio

Serious Machio

Let me tell you what happened when I was watching this match. I was laying in bed unlike my normal wednesday exercising while watching this anime. THen I see the arm wrestling match and I sat up for Hibiki. When she slammed Ayaka’s arm like it was nothing. I was just in shock. Then when Akemi started to walk I was just keeping all eyes on my tv. Then this man Machio said I take this an I straight jumped out of bed in utter hype. My sister had to tell me to be quiet. It was so amazing that it got millions of views on youtube and Machio became a GOAT character to me.

Overall Thought

This anime is amazing and I just want more of it. Like I don’t care to watch these characters are doing whether it be them don’t the same thing for another 12 episodes. Or them just chilling at anime conventions. I don’t care. I just don’t want their story to end and I just ask the question in the title season 2 when?


I thank you all for reading this long one. As I really had this in the backlog for a minute and I finally decided to write it. This anime is in my top 30 of all time for the people who saw the previous list. As crazy as that sounds I can’t wait to pick up the manga of this series soon. So get hyped. So anime studios wanting to know if this deserves a season two. My answer for it is why doesn’t it already have one announced. Until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

2 thoughts on “Season 2 When? | Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? Season 1 Thoughts

  1. Anime of the season, without a doubt. I loved this series, Hibiki, Machio, and just everyone and everything about it! We must get a second season, a home exercise video and an interactive game for all the consoles so you can exercise with them. Love it!!!

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