The Only Reason I Keep Watching Date A Live

You know I have always kept watching the anime Date A Live up all the way to season three. While also anticipating season four in the future. Then I kept wondering to myself why the HELF am I still watching this show? Then I realize something that I didn’t realize until now. I found a show where a single supporting character can legit carry a whole show on their back.

I am being honest right now if Kurumi was not in this show. I would have dropped it long ago. As this was a harem series with a lot of potential to be great overall. But, the anime stop taking itself seriously to have more ecchi moments. So I would have normally dropped it thier. But, then I realized that the anime was still dangling that one girl that has not been tamed. That girl being the lovely Kurumi.

Her Character to the Story

The thing about her character that is so interesting is that when she is the anime. Along with given screen time and all. The series in my eyes is amazing. The story feels more real and development is actually happening when she is around in the series. Like crazy stuff like the realization that you killed your own family crazy. So I just want to say that her character is a legit anomaly in this series.

Carrying the Franchise

I feel as if she can be in a whole other franchise. As she is such a well written character. Then when her soundtrack comes on along with her amazing voice. I am just lost in her character. Like I remember having this series in the background even skipping moments in the series as it was just predictable and boring. But, once she came on screen I was just lost in her world.

Kurumi is a great character that I am shocked that she is not rushed to the hospital every time she is on screen. As she is just constantly carrying this whole anime. I am just at a lost as her character is one that I am really thinking about when I was just browsing reddit to see her character. Then just remembering all of her arcs made me want to write about her greatness. So I just hope this writer does his only good character in the franchise justice. As she is the only person that I care about in this anime. As she is an amazing character in a trash anime.


I really was at a lost when I thought about her character, as she is one of my favorite girls all the time. Also her voice actor is on another level of greatness. One that if you ever pick up Date A Live or dropped it. Just watch it for her and only her as she is a true diamond in the rough. So until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

3 thoughts on “The Only Reason I Keep Watching Date A Live

  1. If we look just at the second season, I’m with you 100%. I hate to say it, but I can’t even remember most of the second season…

    I liked first season, mostly on the strength of Tohka, who I absolutely adore. And Origami really came into her own in the third season.

    But even saying that, Kurumi honestly made a lot of the first season interesting, and she enabled the third season with how her abilities sent Shido back into time).

    I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to Date a Bullet. Unless they seriously drop the ball, that’s going to be amazing.

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    1. I can agree that Tohka was really good in the first season. But, after that she just dropped a little bit. The sister to was really good in the first season also.

      Also facts, a whole SEASON around best girl Kurumi is gonna be amazing indeed.

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