ODA IS THE GOAT!!! | One Piece 955-957 Thoughts

Bruh Oda you are killing me at this point. Like there’s a limit to how many amazing chapters that you can produce in a row. Like seriously a this point I can say nothing but, this man is a literal GOAT. So much that I had to make a One Piece post and I don’t even talk about one piece that often. So let’s talk about the last three chapters of that One Piece greatness.

**Spoilers of chapters 955 to 957**


You give us Zoro and his amazing new sword called Enma. When the man was told to cut a tree he ended up slicing a whole mountain. Then, you end the chapter with the enemy knowing the whole plan. Along with Law looking shady as hell. So I am really wondering will Law betray the straw hat pirates. But, then you end the second act with the war just being amazing.


We all know that the reverie chapters are always 9 or 10 level chapters. Including this one as after so many theories, so many talks about it, it has finally happened. The shichibukai system has finally been abolished. Meaning that my Queen Boa Hancock is free to side with her future husband. Buggy is back on the run to his normal ways before. But, I have to say that he seems a little bit more manly right now. Wivel is finally back in the story.

But the warlord that I am more interested in is the world’s greatest swordsman himself. The one and only Drakual Mikaw chilling in his castle oozing with eximente. I really can’t believe that I would get so hyped over a Mihawk chapter. But, man, this man is one another level of insanity. As I have to say that this chapter was just hype. So hyped that it trended on twitter yet again.

Man, that was not even the only thing in this chapter. The more mystery that was added about Sabo. Along with Morgans one shooting a CP agent for his news. Finding out that Drake is working for the marines. Meaning that the marines have heard the news about Big Mom and Kaido. Koby is part of a new marine agency. While also heading to the island of women. This chapter was so amazing that I just had to talk about it now.


Now this chapter was one that made me realize that One Piece is still up their as one of my favorite manga of all time. This is one of the most crazy chapters in the whole franchise. Like we get so much about the lore of the world. Along with the bounties of the YONKO. The mother f***ing Yonko. Like tell me that that is not insane my guy. Along with the past being open up about Garp and the Pirate King Roger. This chapter was just amazing and utter greatness.


This Manga is the number one manga that I follow weekly and never really talk about. But, now I have to say that this manga is amazing and we are still getting more information between these acts. So I am just happy that Oda is just an amazing, crazy man that knows how to make these in between chapters amazing. So much that I had to make a post about the last three. So until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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