Two Broken Souls | Sachi-Iro One Room

Now I normally don’t start off blogs with a trigger warning. But, this manga need one as it deals with the topics of rape, suicide, depression, and child abuse. So I completely understand if this is too dark of a series for some readers. So today I will talk about a series Sachi-Iro One Room. As this manga made me realize some of the darker aspects of life.

Dez Synopsis

This series is a series that deals with an adult man stalker. Kidnapping a 14 year old girl. But, tot the kidnappers surprise she is happy in the situation she is in. Due to her family and school life she rather live a life of crime with him then return. So we then get the story of the kidnapper and kid.


Their relationship

Their relationship in the beginning of the series is not depicted as the typical stalker relationship. As he is someone that is not all over her. Not trying to attacker her or do anything strange to her. But, he starts to cook for her and takes care of her. To my surprise we find out that her family is very abusive towards her.


As they put her in handcuffs like an animal. They beat her up due to her frustrations. They even are so messed up in that they would hide it by covering up her walls with new wallpaper to hide all the abuse that they have giving this girl for 14 years. Seeing a girl like this with all the bruises on her. With bandages all over her head. I made me sick to my stomach. To think that a person would even do this to their own child.

As this is a case that happens in the real world all the time. So when it is depicted in this light to me. I just think about it and I know whenever I have a child I will make sure that I will give them all the love in the world. No matter how bad my situation is because see some people that can keep begging for their child’s safety after hiring some of the cheapest detectives in the world. Just made me hate her with a passion. Hell I might say that the mother is one of the most hated characters that I have ever seen. Seeing this is just messed up.


Now this arc just is bringing even more hate towards me. As this young girl was on a regular basis getting raped by her teacher. As he was a false light in her never ending darkness. She had no one to turn to as she had no friends but, bullies. She had parents that would beat the shit out of her for getting a 98 and not a 100 on her test. So she just had to keep meeting him after school and just get raped at 14 years old. Like getting more deep into her story I am just getting madder.


After having no one to turn to. No family, no friends, nothing in her world but hate and abuse. She decided to end her life. A life that would had made no one sad. One that is still making me tear up at this point. Like I felt like I was in this girls shoe in this manga. So before she gives up on all like the kidnapper came up to her and said I will kidnap you and not let you die.

That moment in the manga made me so happy. As to me that he really did not do anything wrong but take a girl that was on the brink of death. Then took care of her a show her something she has never heard of called compassion. Like when this man had to teach her how to say thank you. That me feel down for the whole day.


Now this girl is traumatized to the point that she is near psychotic. She really trusts no one but herself. Not even the man that she plans to marry one day. As she makes him want to prove himself. That is something that I can completely understand too. With the last man that she trusted raped her. She is someone that we she sees someone like her mother she freaks out. Goes near insane and tries to hide it. She has been completely broken by her bullies, her shithole of a teacher, and her abusive parents. So in this manga she is going through a long slow process to getting love and trust. But the man that kidnapped her.


This man is very interesting to me. As we know as little as the main girl Sachi know. But, he is another broken character that actually hates the girl. As she was too similar to him but she was stronger. Strong enough than him to kill herself. But, this man didn’t think of her as a crush but, another version of himself that he refused to let die. We are just now getting more of his backstory and I can’t wait to get more into it.

Their True Relationship

They decided together that they would run away together but, in the event that either of them will get caught. Sachi will will him and then herself. These two are characters that when they started their relationship it was taboo because of the age gap already. But then you realize that what they are doing is a crime. Then on top of that they are both mentally unstable. They are two people that need to go their separate paths and need to go to constant therapy. But, despite that as they are together they are one another’s light. Slowly but surely healing both of their broken souls.


This was the number one series my app recommended to me after the masterpiece 29 to JK. So when I read it I thought it might be interesting. But, I never thought that I would read such a depressing and dark story. Man I didn’t even get to talk about the amazing device in the manga. Along with the stalkers stalker. But, the two mains deserved the spotlight this time. So until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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