Bell & Hestia| Danmachi II Episodes 11 and 12 Thoughts

Well summer season is winding down. As most shows are reaching the end of their seasons. So when a series like Danmachi ended I wanted to wait so I can have an hour final with the last two episodes to enjoy it. And boy do I have some words about it. So let’s talk about the final two episodes of Danmachi.

Haruhime Mini Rant

Now I want to start with some positives. As Haruhime has a cute pure relationship with Bell. I also love when she wags her tail near to him and Hestia gets mad. I like that she is just chilling and cleaning in the house. As she is a quiet but fun edition to the crew. But, now the negative I have to say about it. As I have one big question. Why is she a virgin? I am not trying to sound crazy or nothing. But, what the hell happened to the whole mental battle that Bell had with himself about saving a prostitute. Wondering about saving a prostitute and being different from most anime.

Where some of these girls in the anime are virgins when they damn sure don’t look it. Like look at Rias Gremory, for a second and think about this that she is a virgin. Now we have Haruhime who for some reason thinks she is a impure hooker. But, she has pasted out everytime she sees a man. NANI! Man, we even had this man read a whole story about a hero and a prostitute. I hate talking bad about this series. But, that was just a poor writing choice by the author.

Hestia Denied

I just want to say that Bell was a savage when he said that he would refuse a goddess if they asked. Since he thinks that he is very unworthy as a human to even do that. So sadly for Freya and Hestia he thinks that they are too good for him. But, it was just funny her reaction to that overall. To then just see her bolt out of their.

Hestia Capture?

Well Ares is one of the oddest god in the series. Like who the hell scream out I am gonna capture you in a stealth mission. All because Hestia exited the village that she was not allowed. But, the facemask person is funny as hell. As this man kept saying I’m Black with all these poses.

Village Arc

This was a good story telling about the possible future of Bell and Hestia. I also just want to say that Ainz really didn’t need to b in this arc at all. But, this arc was really good for Hestia as she was the most mature all season. Hell I would say all series. So I will give them props for that.

Overall Thoughts on Danmachi 2

It was a good season overall. I learned that Freya is a very underrated character and deserves a lot more love. Along with the amazing character of Hermes as he was a fun character the whole show. My hopes for the future is that Bell is a little bit less dense than usual. As his character was still solid this arc. But I want him to realize these girls feelings. Also I am glad that we got another season of Danmachi coming summer of 2020. So I will be watching that when it comes out during the summer. Can’t wait for the harem to increase as in the end credits we get yet another girl. So can’t wait for that.


This series to me is good. Not great in any aspect but is a solid overall show. I hope that in the new seasons that there is more world building and A LOT MORE OF FREYA. Well that is all I got for this solid series. So until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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