Some Quick Thoughts on the Monogatari Girls Part 1

I just wanted to talk briefly about each girl in the amazing series of Monogatari. As each one of their respective series are amazing and all have their own stories. To me these girls have each affected my views on life. So I wanted to touch on what they mean to me and why I love them. As this is the only series I believe that I every girl and want to learn more about each one of their personalities and more of their stories. So let’s talk about the Monogatari girls.

Alright the order that I will put them in is when their arc debuted. So I will start with the first arc being surrounded by the amazing Hatagi Senjougahara. Then secondly one of the world’s greatest legal lolis being the wonderful Hajikuji. Then this part one will end with the yuri girl herself, Kanbaru. As I want to make sure I am prepared to talk about my queen Hanekawa in part 2. Also this is spoilers for the whole franchise up to the last arc of Zuko. So once again SPOILER WARNING.

Hitagi Senjougahara

Where do I start with this girl. As to me she is the perfect girlfriend that you can ever have. Once she fell for Araragi after he saved her. She loved him with all her heart and soul. Making him and herself better people together. Also adding to her perfection she said in the arc after Kanburu made sure that she loved him will all of his human beings.

She literally gave Araragi all that she could give him that being herself and her kohai Kanburu. Senjougahara is the best girlfriend ever. So great that any guy in the world would be undeserving of such a goddess. She is a queen and one of the most beautiful souls in anime history.

Mayoi Hajikuji

Now Mayoi is completely and normally okay to have-

As she is someone that I will say is Araragi’s best friend. As they can just goof around and be chill around one another. She is a girl that is someone that I would gladly be lost forever with. As Araragi once attempted to be in the future.

Bruh when she said goodbye to Araragi and kissed him (Making the loli kiss count to 4) I was so heart broken during that. That I was like why did you do that Isin. But, in the end I was happy that Also when she became a god I was so happy for her character. As she can forever have visits with Araragi.

Suruga Kanburu

I remember first watching this series. Still trying to catch up to the dialogue as I never watched such a dialogue heavy serious. Then I realize one word from Kanburu and her energetic self. As she said causually that she was a yuri(lesbian). Then I had to rewind back and think. Wow I really fuck with her character. As she is one that is an energetic and fun.

She is legit one of the guys. But, she is still a chick at the same time. I love her two arcs. Especially Hanamongatari as that one made her a GOAT in my book. She is an amazing character and I hope that she finds a girl one day. One that she can love with all of her heart. Also don’t trust her with your little sister.


I can really understand why this man Nisio Isin didn’t stop at Zuko Owarimonogatari. As these characters are just masterpieces. Each and every one of them are just beautifully written. As just me thinking back on each character makes me love them even more than I already do. Next time I plan on talking about Hanekawa and Nadeko so that is going to be fun. So until then, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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