Evolving My Blog | Sunday Chill Post #1

This is my one chill post of the week. As I am evolving my blog one step at a time. I plan to make this post every Sunday as a break post. One where I just talk about my blog and other things. Along with that I will be answering any questions that are asked every previous post. Along with the 7 I will answer every week. Thus giving me a break and making a whole day just to chill and talk about anything.

So I start this with how my week has been and I will say that it has been a little exhausting. As I am trying to push this blog to new heights and everything. I decided to post twice a day. I will start off and say that it is a little bit of hell. Especially with me as I really am not a weekly review type of person. As I have never done a full week by week review on my blog. From the beginning of the anime to the end. The closet I have ever been with it though is Kanata No Astra. So I was happy about that. But, my goal right now is to make Chihayafuru the first series that I review from beginning to end. So that is my number one goal on my blog right now.

Okay now that I am done just talking I will start with the 7 questions of the week. That some people will read or no one at all. But, I just make these so you can kinda get my mindset when blogging. Along with my mindset in anime and manga in general. So her are the 7 questions.

What Anime do I plan watching this week?

I plan on catching up with Fire Force and Arifureta so I can complete the summer SAKE Awards this week. Along with that I will continue to watch Dr.Stone and Vinland Saga respectively. But, one series that is not seasonal that I plan on continuing that I put on hold during the winter is the Quintessential Quintuplites as that anime was really enjoyable. But winter was a little bit stacked along with me getting ready for school and all and boy this is a lot of writing I will try to minimize that right now.

What Manga do I plan on reading this week?

I have finally decided to fishies Gantz after putting it on hold for years. Thanks to the youtuber SuperEypathWolf made that video earlier today. I remembered the series and started reading it again and boy is it crazy.

What was a blog post that I enjoyed reading this week?

The blog post that I enjoyed the most this week was most likely Lynn Sheridan’s Dumbbell Season One review. As he talked about one of my favorite anime of the season. I just could help but give this post some praise. As he did say that Hibiki is the best girl so that was a little bit of my bias.

The blog post I enjoyed making this week?

The blog that I really am proud of this week is a tie between the Two Broken Souls | Sachi-Iro One Room & The Only Reason I Keep Watching Date A Live. As both those blogs are ones that I put a lot of effort in and are really proud of how they were written. The one that I love the out come the most of thought is Some Quick Thoughts on the Monogatari Girls Part 1 that I made on a wimp.

The Manga I really enjoy this week?

The manga that I really enjoyed this week is the manga that I have now claimed is a top 5 manga, called 29 to JK. As now I still believe that it is that and I might be crazy by saying this it might be top three manga in history. But, imma chill and wait for my top manga in nov/dec. So that is gonna be fun as hell where that ranks.

The Anime Episode that I really enjoyed this week?

The anime that I enjoyed this week was most likely a random episode of Gintama that I watched this week. As episode 25 is one of my top episodes of all time to me.


Now after this there would be some type of Q&A if there’s any. But, this is the first one and I am a small blogger. So if you have any questions like who is my favorite girl, some sports talk about my Miami Dolphins, or even about my life in college. I will put my twitter here and you can ask me a question there or in the comments below. To be featured here next time.


Well that is my kinda chill post that I will be having every Sunday. As I this is technically my day off so there will be only one post today. So until next time, thanks for reading and be great my A&M people.

2 thoughts on “Evolving My Blog | Sunday Chill Post #1

  1. Cool post and thanks for the shout out for my Dumbbell post. You’re going to love the Quintessential Quintuplets, that was a surprisingly good watch.

    This is my third season covering anime on a weekly basis. I started with one show (The Promised Neverland) and then did three, somehow that then turned into ten… I’m definitely going to dial it back a little this season though.

    So, my question for you – People often overestimate what they can achieve in a year and underestimate what they can achieve in five years. What are your one-year and five-year goals for your blog?

    Nice Bulk!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks and no problem. I love your appreciation post of Dumbbell. I am also really excited to watch Q.Q. so thanks for the info.

      Man 10 a week. thats a little overkill for me. But, power to you. I will save the question for next Sunday. Thanks for the question.

      Liked by 2 people

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