Black Clover Squads: Blue Rose

Alright I haven’t done one of these in a good minute. So time to finish up this series. As I talk about each of the squads of the clover kingdom. As today we are talking briefly about the majority female squad of Blue Rose. As it is headed by Charlotte Roselei and one of the most known members are Sol. So let’s talk about this squad.

Charlotte Roselei

Now I really like Charlotte as she is the definition of a mature tsundere. As she fell in love with Yami. But, because of him being himself she is afraid of her status. So she admires him from afar while putting a super tsundere never talk to man attitude with him. It’s funny how Yami calls her Tsun princess. So he basically knows that she likes her, but he is just being himself because of it. I love her as a captain and she has led them from 70ish star to 86 in a year. So I say that she is a good captain.

Sol Marron

I am alright with Sol. As I see her 100 percent with Magna in the future. Like I really feel that they will be shipped in my heart. But about her character she really admires Charlotte Roselei as a role model. Along with kinda forcing that Tsun fosode on her as well. She is a character with to me one of the worst powers to have to me. As her earth(mud) magic to me is just a limited power. Hopefully she can improve it in the future. But, she is a strong mage in her squad so she will.


The squad is mostly made up of women. With all of the known male characters being errand boys. They are still a strong squad as they are in the top 5 in squads right now. They still have not revealed the vice captain if they have one. But, if it somehow is a boy. That would make the whole squad a little interesting.


I just hope that Charlotte and her Tsun self just stops putting on her face. So she can be her real self. Like when her with Yami. Well that is deep spoilers. So I will most likely delete that. But, man I don’t really care about their squad presidente as it will most likely always be in the middle of the pack.


Well it feels good to talk about some black clover. As I stopped doing reviews for the series. Which the plan for that is after I finish this squad series. I plan to commit to do weekly reviews throughout the Viz. As this manga is just hyped as hell. It is really becoming its own amazing story that people are not giving it the apparition that it deserves. But next squad on this list is the silver eagle. Time to roast my boy Silva. So until then, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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