Misc| 2019 Summer SAKE Awards: Part 4

Time to talk about the sake awards. That should have been done a minute ago. But, I have not had the time to complete it. As it was supposed to be completed by today. But, things happen like me posting twice a day and not including the SAKE awards in that post at all. So I have to get on that immediately. I have three more award post for the summer and I am complete. Trust me when I say that it was a wild ride this season. So let’s get to the Misc award. The ones that didn’t really have a category.

Episode of the season: Dumbbell Episode 6

The episode that I enjoyed the most this season.

I have to give to none other that Episode 6 of Dumbbell. As even thought this season had amazing moment like the reveal of the traitor with Astra, the original moment of the fight in Fire Force, hell I can make an argument for every episode of Vinland Saga, but the one that I had to put here is serious Machio along with serious Hibiki.

Runner Up | Kanata No Astra Finale (12)

Best OST: Kanata No Astra

The original sound track that I was hooked on for the longest.

The deserve this title as out of all the soundtracks this season. The most memorable to me is the Kanata No Astra OST. Is far above the rest in my opinion. As it was catchy and hit in the right moments.

Runner Up | Fire Force

Epic Moment of the Season

This was the moment that made me hope my seat.

Serious Machio. Need I say more.

Best Fight: Demon Slayer: If you don’t know the fight by now get out of here.

The fight of the season. It is in the title.

Despite this breaking every rule of the Sake Awards. This fight is so amazing that I have to put it as number one this season. Plus this is my bais. But come on the fight was just amazing that I have to put it here.

Best Action: Fire Force

The anime that made the action at another level.

This series is just fight after fight. The world is amazing and david productions is a top tier studio.

Best educational: Dumbbell and Dr. Stone

The anime that I learned the most from.

The best educational series was so hard to pick between these two. THat I had to make the first ever co-awards. In history. As both these series gave me something that I will take in real life.

Comedy: Arifureta

The one that put a smile on my face the most.

The series that made me laugh the most. I would have to say Arifureta. As I don’t even think that it was so horrible bad that I cannot do nothing but hate it.

Runner Up| Hensuki

Trash of the season : Isekai Cheat Magian

Why were you created award. Yes there is an award for that.

What the hell is this series. Like Arifureta is lauguhly bad. But, this one is just bad. Like the only thing that I will ever remember this anime for is that it is a Isekai and the opening is by Myth & Roid.

Runner Up| The Masterpiece Arifureta

Best Direction Award

The studio that gave their anime the best direction

I have to give this to Vinland. As this series is blending CGI and 2D perfectly. This is the series that I have to say is amazing. This is an amazing story that they put in their image to give this a better adaptation than it already does. So this is well deserving of this award.

Best Cast

The best overall cast of characters

The best cast award was suppose to be a whole post. But, due to time constraightest it was put as the finale of the night. So this award goes to the best overall cast of the series. Going towards all of the characters including side ones.

Runner Ups

Fire Force
Dr. Stone
Kanata No Astra

Winner is Dumbbell

THis cast was not only amazing but had such great chemistry with one another that it made me love this anime even more than I already had. This is cast is so lovable and funny that I have to give all of them the props for this amazing series.


Well this was the extra stuff that I wanted to include in the awards. I most likely missed some awards but, there is always next year. As the season has basically ended I need to end this procrastinate award show. So I plan on doing the final three award shows being the best girl, best character, and best anime of the season in the next three days. As this anime is one that I have to say is amazing and one season that I will not forget. So thank you for being part of this amazing night of the most bais award show on the planet. So until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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