DADDY HAJIME GREATNESS!!! | Arifureta Episode 11 & 12 Thoughts

Okay for now until the end of time. Hajime will be now known as daddy hajime*pause*. As this man has become one of my favorite characters of all time in these past two episodes. If you wanted to know my thoughts for the last couple episodes I have to say that episodes 8 to 10 are some of the edgiest shit I have ever seen. But, I just love this anime now. As the last 2 episodes make me want to have a season two immediately.

This anime just keeps amazing me and the characters in this are just a trip. While with these final two episodes I have to say that it really has improved. Like episode 11 I did not find one flaw in the whole animation department at all. Then episode 12 was just a hype episode. So I can’t wait to talk about those in this talk about episode 11 and 12 of Arifureta.

Episode 11


Now the first thing that I have to say about this episode is that Yue and Hajime have one of the best bonds in the anime. As Yue just wants him to have more things that he can cherish. That to me repects Yue’s character a lot more than I did in the past. As she was quiet but, now she has a more lovable role as the first wife of Hajime.


Also I like that she and Tio are having casual conversations. As she is a person that had a backstory that I really didn’t look into to much. As I thought that this was just filler. So I really didn’t pay it much mind.

Shia Gets A Date

I also liked that this episode had Hajime go on a date with Shia. As she is one person that deserves it the most. After all the work that she put into the series. I have to say that it is a well deserved date.

Daddy Hajime Is Born

Now time to talk about the random girl who appear in the beginning of the episode. AS she had a troublesome past due to her being a demi human like Shia. As she was gonna get sold as a slave. By the the most un-intimidating person in this series period.This man look so scared the whole time like who is this dude.

But, Hajime save the girl and now she basically calls him pa- DADDY. So I am enjoying this even more. With Hajime’s personality he really tried to decline it. But, now there’s no going back. As now he claimed her as his daughter after one episode so easily.

At the end of this episode though Yue show so much love and care towards Hajime’s daughter. Accepting her into the family. Then seeing her cuteness made not only Yue, but Shia and Tio want some of that Hajime seed also. So that was an amazing way to end the episode.

Episode 12


I have never been so excited for another episode of Arifureta in so long. As this episode showed us the classmates that we never gave a single F about getting destroyed. One by one and just not even standing a chance. Then Mr. Golden Armor went all beyond his limits. But, stopped because she saw a picture of the villains dude and stopped. Also the main villain looked clean as hell. If the anime focused on making the villains humans instead of these insane monsters. Then I would have to say that this series would have been a lot better than people perceived.

Daddy Hajime Has Arrived

But, after all hope is lost. They are out of all the power in the world. Daddy Hajime comes in the clutch. Making me hyped for the fanale. Yes, you heard that right I am hyped for the next Arifureta episode that comes out.


Man I never thought those words would ever come out of my mouth. But, hell this series is good. I was just poorly treated by the staff. After the author wanted the whole thing redone. But, I have enjoyed this anime all the way through and boy this is gonna be an amazing finale as its just gonna be Hajime flexing. So until then, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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